Program director suspended without pay

The Randolph County Commission voted unanimously to suspend North Central Community Corrections Executive Director Travis Carter during an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon.

As soon as the meeting convened, commissioners entered an executive session, citing a personnel matter relative to the Community Corrections director.

After about five minutes, the commissioners returned from the short executive session. A motion was made to suspend Carter without pay until further notice, and commissioners Chris See, Joyce Johns and Mike Taylor all voted in favor of it.

Commissioners said a related emergency meeting will follow the regularly scheduled 1:30 p.m. commission meeting today. The commissioners would not comment further on the situation. Carter was not present at Wednesday’s meeting.

North Central Community Corrections is a regionalized program, servicing Randolph, Tucker and Barbour counties.

According to the Randolph County Commission’s website, the ultimate goal of North Central Community Corrections’ role in community restorative justice is providing offenders with the necessary structure and guidance to lead a productive and healthy lifestyle, for those offenders to be released from incarceration and to provide a smooth-transition into the community.

The program gives the judicial system the option of a community based alternative sentencing program. Hopefully, this allows the system to focus on the reasons for the increase in the criminal community by addressing each offender’s risk level to give them the help needed to reduce recidivism.