Thieves break into Harman School

A breaking and entering at the Harman School, which occurred over the weekend, was discussed at the Randolph County Board of Education meeting Monday.

Superintendent Terry George said that at 8 a.m. Monday morning officials discovered the break-in at the school. There was minimal damage, and some student medication was stolen, George said.

The police discovered the perpetrators were able to break into the principal’s office, steal the medication and leave. The intruders also apparently attempted to disable the school’s security system.

The West Virginia State Police are investigating the incident. George said there is no word so far as to whether or not a suspect has been found.

“The incident is still under investigation,” George said. “We take these kinds of things very seriously and we are working with authorities to find those responsible.”

Also at Monday’s meeting, the BOE voted to approve three actions involving North Central West Virginia Community Action/Head Start, the first being a contract for the Pre-K Collaborative Program which will result in a total contract cost of $104,000.

The board also approved the lease agreement between North Central West Virginia Community Action/Head Start and the Board of Education for the land behind Midland Elementary School, which contains a building that provides office space for their employees.

Board members also approved the meal contract between North Central West Virginia Community Action/Head Start and the BOE which will serve the following pre-school classes: Beverly, George Ward I and II, Harman, Homestead, Jennings Randolph, Midland I and II, North and Third Ward I and II.

“These are standard contracts that we have to approve every year,” George told board members.

The board also discussed and approved the withdrawal from an agreement with the RESA 7 Substitute Bus Operator Program and further approved the Superintendent’s permission to create, post and fill substitute bus operator trainers in Randolph County.

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