Fire prompts rise in smoke detector sales

ELKINS After this week’s fatal fire, some local stores are reporting spikes in sales of smoke detectors, batteries and other fire safety supplies. One store is even offering a special deal for residents looking to make their homes safer.

Naylor’s Ace Hardware’s store manager, Bob Stewart, said, “Anyone who buys a smoke detector, we will buy the batteries if some are not provided with the unit.” The promotion is special to this area due to Monday’s fatal fire, he said.

“This is a sad event and could have been avoided with batteries,” Stewart said,

Naylor’s reported no spike in sales as of yet but Stewart said, “This (response to the fire) is just setting in.”

Kmart’s hardlines manager, Glen Sycafoose, said, “We have had a spike in sales of smoke detectors, including some that we haven’t sold for three weeks.”

Kellie Graham, associate manager at Big Lots, said, “We do not have smoke detectors but the sales of 9-volt batteries has gone up.”

Other stores reported no noticeable rise in sales so far.

Brenda Jackson, store manager of Trickett’s Hardware, said, “Not this week. I kind of expected it but we haven’t” seen a spike.

Walmart Store Manager Bob Smith said he hadn’t see any rise in sales either.

“Nothing has been noticed at this point,” Smith said.

Both Stewart and Smith spoke of the importance of checking and replacing batteries in detectors regularly.

“All batteries in your household should be changed for Daylights Savings Time,” Stewart said.

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday at 2 a.m.