Inmate pleads guilty

A Belington man pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor counts of battery on a governmental representative in Randolph County Magistrate Court on Monday.

Thomas Clayton Summers, 24, an inmate at the Tygart Valley Regional Jail, entered his plea after police reported an incident in May in which Summers was allegedly being insubordinate when it was time for him to lock down, according to the criminal complaint.

When Summers was asked by a correctional officer what was going on, he reportedly replied “that he had 15 minutes and did not have to lock down,” according to the complaint. When Summers was ordered to lock down, he replied “you will have to make me,” the complaint states.

When a correctional officer tried to escort him, Summers resisted, pulling away and striking the officer “on the right side of his head,” according to the complaint.

Three other correctional officers tried to help restrain Summers, but he allegedly struck two of them in the face, and attempted to grab the third by the genitals.