Man charged with child abuse

ELKINS – An Elkins man was arrested on child abuse charges regarding a 17-month-old girl, State Police officials said.

Christopher Rosier, 26, was charged with child abuse resulting in injury. Rosier was arraigned by Randolph County Magistrate Robert Elbon and is being held in Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $50,000 cash bond.

According to the criminal complaint, West Virginia State Police officials responded to a call on Aug. 17 involving a 17-month-old female in cardiac arrest.

Police went to the residence and spoke to Rosier, who was the child’s guardian at the time of the incident, the complaint states. Rosier reportedly told police he was giving the alleged victim a bath when another child began to cry. Rosier said he left the alleged victim in the tub “for about three minutes” to tend to the other child, and returned to find the alleged victim was “face down in the water with her head under the faucet,” the police report reads.

Rosier told police he laid the alleged victim down and called her mother to tell her the child was not breathing, the complaint states. Rosier reportedly told police that he then began to perform CPR on the child until the mother arrived.

Police inspected the residence and did not find any water on the floor of the bath tub or where the child was supposedly lying during CPR, the complaint states.

According to the report, the mother told police that as soon as she received the phone call she ran home from five blocks away from where she worked. The report states she “said she called 911 while she was coming through the alley and talking to them as she came through the door.” The mother reportedly told police that, other than day care, the alleged victim had not been in anyone else’s care for two days.

According to the complaint, the child was transported to West Virginia University Hospitals, where it was discovered she had multiple injuries that “include but are not limited to multiple skull fractures, retinal hemorrhaging in both eyes, multiple bruises on the body and face, and a fracture to the left humorous bone that was already in the healing stages.”

According to the police report, after meeting with a representative of Child Protective Services and a team of doctors at WVU who treated the alleged victim, police were told “the injuries to the head and eyes were not accidental and had occurred within 24-48 hours.” The report states the doctors said there were “several bruises and a broken arm that were consistent with abuse” and that the broken arm was “approximately 10-14 days old.”

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Man charged with child abuse

An Elkins man is being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on $20,000 cash bond after being arrested on child abuse charges, police said.

Daniel Clifford Moore, 26, was arrested on one count of child abuse resulting in injury, a felony, on Saturday. Police received a report on Nov. 14 from the state Department of Health and Human Resources indicating that Moore had physically abused a 4-year-old girl, according to the criminal complaint.

The report indicated the alleged victim had gone to school with visible bruises and injuries to her face and neck area on Nov. 4, according to the criminal complaint. The report further claimed that the alleged victim has sustained numerous physical injuries as a result of abuse by Moore.

According to the report, the alleged victim “stated that (Moore) hit her.” In the report the bruise on the alleged victim’s left cheek is described as “dark purple with pulled blood to the bottom the size of an orange and starting from under the cheek and up towards the middle of the cheek,” according to the criminal complaint.

The report also states the alleged victim “indicated to school staff that (Moore) had bit her,” the complaint reads.

The report was accompanied by photographs of the injuries, which indicated an open abrasion near the alleged victim’s left eye, the complaint states.

State Police officials obtained a copy of the emergency physician record form from Davis Memorial Hospital, which includes details of a medical evaluation of the alleged victim conducted on Nov. 5. The evaluation indicated the alleged victim was asked about the bruise on her cheek. She responded by making a fist and showing it hit her cheek, according to the complaint. The alleged victim also stated that her hair had been pulled and indicated that the marks on her neck were caused by choking, the complaint states.

During the medical evaluation, the alleged victim, for the third time, identified Moore as the person who had hurt her, according to the complaint.