New stoplight to be installed

ELKINS – Although the paving work on a stretch of Corridor H running through Randolph, Barbour and Upshur counties is nearly complete, much remains to be done, including the installation of a stoplight at the Crystal Springs exit, Department of Transportation officials said Tuesday.

The traffic light is due to go up as early as late winter or early spring if conditions are mild, said Mike Moran, the District Eight Engineer for the DOT. The light would be installed on the aggregate intersection of W.Va. 92 and Corridor H. Moran says the project is estimated to take a couple months.

Overall, the pavement restoration project that started in the summer, has reached its conclusion, Moran added. The pavement preservation and concrete restoration project, which spans Randolph County through Barbour and Upshur counties and into Lewis County, originally was scheduled to be wrapped up by mid-August. The project was delayed, though, until November because of the poor conditions of the roadway and pavement. Much of the road was in need of patchwork before progress could be made, Moran said.

Now completed, Moran says the stretch of highway includes tranverse joints, full- and partial-depth patches and newly installed rumble strips.

“We restored the road to new conditions, meaning that it should last for 10-plus years,” Moran said. “We’re really happy with the work.”

Moran said the weather has been cooperative overall, which has allowed crews to extend the project this far into the fall. He also said that in preparation for winter, crews still are out and about performing routine maintenance on Corridor H and throughout the area.

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