Philip Barbour prom to be in Bridgeport

PHILIPPI – The Barbour County Board of Education approved on a 3-2 vote Tuesday holding the 2014 Philip Barbour High School prom in another county.

BOE members were asked at Tuesday’s meeting by Faith Cline, junior class president at PBHS, to approve the Bridgeport Conference Center as the venue for the 2014 prom.

“We took a vote and 80 percent of the students said they wanted the prom to be at Bridgeport,” Cline said. “They are offering us the Bridgeport Conference Center for half the price it normally costs, and they are holding the date for us.”

Cline told board members the majority of students drive to Clarksburg to eat before the prom, travel back to Philippi for the prom and then drive back to Clarksburg again to go to a restaurant that’s open 24 hours.

“Allowing us to have the prom in Bridgeport would be less driving time,” Cline said.

The board voted to approve holding the prom at the Bridgeport Conference Center. Members Dana Stemple, Eric Ruf and Bob Wilkins voted yes, while Doward Matlick and Joanne McConnell voted no.

“The reason for voting no is student safety,” Matlick said. “We want the kids to have a good time. This is high price merchandise we are handling – our students.”

McConnell said she voted no because of the possibility of students being excluded because of the distance between Philippi and Bridgeport.

“I am afraid, with the prom being so far from Philippi, that not all students will have the opportunity or the means to attend,” McConnell said.

In other business, board members recognized the Philip Barbour High School boys and girls cross country teams. Coach Melissa Kaiser introduced members of the teams as board members congratulated them on their West Virginia State Cross Country Class AA-A Championships.

Both teams received a standing ovation from board and audience members.

The next Barbour County Board of Education meeting is slated for 6 p.m. Nov. 18 at the Board of Education Office in Philippi.

The board will hear Local School Improvement Council presentations from Mt. Vernon Elementary and Kasson Elementary-Middle schools.