Schools present LSIC reports

MILL?CREEK?- Local School Improvement Councils from five schools made presentations to the Randolph County Board of Education Thursday at Tygarts Valley Middle/High School.

Each of the schools created a video to showcase accomplishments and present a list of needs. Fran McLaughlin, principal at George Ward Elementary School, lauded the community and parent involvement at the school.

“The children are our number one goal,” McLaughlin said. “We want to make sure they are well-rounded children who grow up to be productive adults.”

McLaughlin shared a needs list that included dividing a large classroom in two, paving the school’s parking lot and installing basketball rims.

Board member Harvey Taylor asked Superintendent Terry George if the maintenance staff would be able to install the rims. George said he would check.

Valley Head Elementary School principal Melissa Wilfong said her school needs three items: “We need to have our bus loop paved, security cameras on the back side of our building and a change in our configuration with classes. We would like to have three classes instead of two.”

Homestead Elementary School principal Diane Hull said her school needs upgrades to its plumbing, an HVAC system and electrical upgrades, and to open the upstairs of the building.

“We also want to thank you for our ArtsBank instructor,” Hull said. “We participated in the Governor’s Day of Service and collected food we donated to Tyrand Cooperative Ministries.”

Pickens School senior Alexis Chandler presented her school’s video.

“Our school needs to have the exterior of the gymnasium painted,” Chandler said.

Each school reported a large increase in students eating both breakfast and lunch. All schools in Randolph County, with the exception of Elkins High School, are eligible for the Community Eligibility Options program, under which every student can receive a free breakfast and lunch. This initiative is geared to help students be better prepared to learn.

“On most days, 100 percent of Pickens students eat lunch,” Chandler said. “About 90 percent eat breakfast.”