Vandals strike youth football stand at Wimer

ELKINS – Elkins Youth Football and Cheerleading officials were upset Saturday to find vandals had broken into and taken supplies from their concession stand.

James Poyner, president of the organization, said his football coordinator discovered the break-in Saturday at Wimer Field in Elkins as the group was preparing for playoff games scheduled that day.

Poyner said John Taylor informed him that someone had broken into the concession stand and stole items the group was planning to sell during the games.

“They stole boxes of candy, Powerades, sodas and fundraising chocolates and candles,” Poyner said. “The stolen items cost approximately $800, which would have amounted to $1,300 in sales.”

Poyner said the loss was heartbreaking.

“It’s inconvenient and it is devastating to the Elkins Youth Football and Cheerleading organization,” Poyner said. “Our budget is tight because of growing expenses.”

Poyner said the Elkins City Police are investigating the break-in.

“I am offering a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons who broke into the visitors’ side concession stand this week, stealing our candy, drinks and fundraising items,” Poyner said.

“Someone, hopefully, will catch wind of someone bragging about this or know something and come forward.”

Information related to the incident may be reported to the Elkins City Police at 304-636-0678 or to Poyner at 304-614-7594.