Committees update Elkins Rotary

ELKINS – Members of the Elkins Rotary Club received updates from committee chairpersons during Monday’s assembly meeting. Membership chairperson Jim Schoonover said the club could explore some different membership options.

“The one thing we are going to bring to the board is having corporate members,” Schoonover said. “The trial period for corporate members ends in June. I don’t see that they will ever make us get rid of this type of membership once we have them.”

Schoonover said this would allow a business to have more members in their group, with only one attending the Monday


“If someone cannot come, there would be someone come in their place,” Schoonover said. “I think it is one way of gaining members. We have lost 16 members this year, and two or three of those members dropped because they could not have someone come in their place if they had to miss a meeting.”

Schoonover said he thought these memberships would be a good thing to try.

“The nice part about it is that more people could come and there could be more folks to help with projects,” Schoonover said. “It is a good way to get more people in Rotary.”

Schoonover said it is a good way for businesses to have members.

“This way, if a business cannot let the same person go to Rotary every Monday, they can send another and still have representation,” Schoonover said. “I am hopeful that we can pick up several members with this campaign.”

Also during Monday’s meeting, Christy Tribble, vice president of the club, reminded members of the upcoming Rotary Fun Night. This yearly event includes games, a live auction, a silent auction and plenty of fun – it is also a major fundraiser for

the club.

“The Rotary Fun Night is slated for 6 p.m. March 22 at the Beverly Fire Department,” Tribble said. “The theme is ‘barn dance,’ and we hope to have a bluegrass band for the night.”

Tribble also shared responses from a recent survey of local Rotary Club members.

“The biggest response on that survey of why local Rotarians said they enjoy Rotary was to participate in hands-on community service projects and to contribute something bigger than self,” Tribble said. “I think that might be a direction we want to take the club in and come up with some projects we can do.”

Tribble said the members who stay in Rotary are those that are most connected and get involved in projects.

Merllene Yorkey, the club’s secretary/Treasurer, said the club sent $428.17 to Tyrand Cooperative Ministries from the tin cup collections.

“We sent $1,000 to Polio Plus for the club’s 2013 to 2014 allocation,” Yorkey said. “We also sent Randolph County Sheltered Workshop $424.70 from our tin cup collections.”