Heating stations set up in Randolph

ELKINS – Emergency management officials were working today to put safety procedures in place to protect residents against the subzero temperatures expected tonight.

Jim Wise, director of the Randolph County Office of Emergency Management, said that even though he was not anticipating a power outage, agencies all across the county were preparing for the worst.

“We have two heating stations ready right now – one in Camp Pioneer in Beverly and at Tyrand Ministry in Mill Creek,” said Wise. “And we have others at all of the local fire departments in each community.

“Also, (Randolph County) Superintendent (of Schools) Terry George said that he has buses ready if we need to transport people to any of those locations.”

Wise also had other tips for the public to help endure the cold, such as keeping a supply of bottled water in the event of frozen pipes, bringing pets inside, and to only travel if absolutely necessary.

“One thing that we’ve been warning people about all year is to not heat your house with an electric or gas cooking stove,” said Wise. “It depletes the oxygen in the house and is very dangerous.”

Wise said the Randolph County Commission learned from Superstorm Sandy about what kinds of precautions to take in the event of severe winter weather. The Commission has been able to supply fully functional generators for all of the fire departments in each community in the county, he said.

More information will be published to theintermountain.com as it becomes available.