Inspired fabric

ELKINS – Folks that enjoy the Public Broadcasting System show “Downton Abbey” now have the opportunity to purchase fabrics inspired by characters on the Sunday evening show. Elkins Sewing Center owner Sue Pifer said her shop is offering material from two of the different characters, and quilters and seamstresses tell her they are excited to purchase and begin working with the new bolts of fabric.

“January marks the initial release of this material to stores, and we are pleased to carry them,” Pifer said. “I have had lots of interest from folks asking me to carry the fabric. I am glad to offer them and think it is fun. Lots of folks watch “Downton Abbey” and they are intrigued by the costumes.”

Pifer said they have links to quilt patterns, and will offer project classes in the future featuring the Downton Abbey material. She said on the show, the fabrics are silks and wools, and the materials she carries are designed to resemble the fabrics and are cotton.

Quilters Sarah Fletcher, of Canaan Valley, and Val Mayor, of Dry Fork, said they were excited for the Downton Abbey selections at the Elkins Sewing Center.

“We are enthusiasts of the show and enjoy following it,” Fletcher said. As she looked through the Downton Abbey material, she selected a beige material depicting the Downton Abbey castle. “I think I will use this to make a quilt or a purse.”

Pifer said all of the material patterns are designed to coordinate – there are even patterns for projects available on-line.

Pifer said Downton Abbey is a British drama that started its fourth season this month.

“The program is from the United Kingdom and is on Masterpiece Classic on Sunday evenings,” Pifer said. “People have been in asking if the material would be available, and I am happy to offer it.”

She said Downton Abbey is exceedingly popular world wide. “The show tells of a family in a huge mansion and the story line follows the gentry and their staff following the Edwardian period. The sinking of the Titanic, World War I and the Marconi Scandel.

In the March 29 edition of The Inter-Mountain, interior design blogger Kristie Barnett said fans of the show were anticipating the release of material inspired by the show.

Intrigued by the drama and inspired by the sophistication of British aristocrats in “Downton Abbey,” some fans are plotting to bring the series’ style into their own homes, from gilded finishes to opulent upholstery to portrait


“We’ve gone so casual in the last decade in terms of home decor. I think there is a desire to be a little more formal, or a little more glamorous,” Barnett, of Nashville said. “That doesn’t mean it can’t be family-friendly.”

“Downton Abbey,” now in its fourth season, features the noble Crawley family “upstairs” and its servants “downstairs” in a sprawling country estate.

The characters are struggling to bring the estate and their traditional sensibilities into the 1920s, a time of social and political ferment.

Ornate drawing rooms, flowing boudoirs, vibrant gardens and crisp, clean servants’ quarters make the gorgeous backdrop for the PBS Masterpiece melodrama.

The Downton Abbey material is available at the Elkins Sewing Center, located at 300 Davis Ave, in Elkins, Information is available by calling 304 636-9480.