Randolph BOE announces several schedule changes

ELKINS – Updates and changes in school schedules were announced Monday during the Randolph County Board of Education’s regular meeting.

Superintendent Terry George said students and their parents should take note of the modifications.

“Exam dates for the first semester will now be Jan. 16 and 17,” George said. “That is changed from Jan. 9 and 10.”

George said Jan. 10, which was previously scheduled for a three-hour early dismissal, will now be a full day of instruction. He said the parent link and on-line county web site reflects the changes.

Parents are invited to attend state-mandated public hearings on school calendars. Both meetings are slated for 6 p.m. The Jan. 14 meeting will be at Elkins High School and tentatively, the Jan. 15 meeting will be at Tygarts Valley High School.

Gretchen Kalar, the Elkins High School student representative to the board, showcased the music programs at her school.

“At Elkins High School, we have two different options – the vocal ensemble and the marching band,” Kalar said. “Of 815 students at Elkins High, 42 percent of the students benefit from the music program.”

Kalar said the school offers music appreciation, dance, beginning vocal and choir class, as well as the vocal ensemble under Elizabeth Marshall MacVean, and music appreciation, marching band and jazz band under Joseph Bowen.

Also during Monday’s meeting, Board President Lisa Wamsley said the board had reviewed the evaluation process for George.

“At this time, the board of education feels the superintendent has met or exceeded several action step goals,” Wamsley said. “The board feels that the superintendent continues to need to improve transparency of budget and finance by presenting information to the board of education in a timely manner, or as requested by board members.

“Overall, the superintendent is enhancing community and public relations for the Randolph County school system.”

The next regular meeting of the Randolph County Board of Education is slated for 6 p.m. Jan. 21 at the central office.