Subzero temps to grip region

ELKINS – Old man winter has a nasty grasp on the region and officials say above freezing temperatures aren’t expected for nearly a week.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Andrew Beavers told The Inter-Mountain sub-zero temperatures are on the way for the remainder of the week. He said the temperatures near Elkins won’t rise above freezing until Saturday.

“The good news is, it looks like most of the snow is pulling out of the area,” Beavers said. “The snow should break before noon (today). The temperatures are going to start dropping fast, though. It’s going to be very, very cold for a few days.”

According to Beavers, today’s high is expected to be 28 degrees and reach an overnight low of minus 9 degrees. He said Tuesday is expected to be even colder with a high of two degrees and a low of minus 9. Wednesday should reach a high of 7 degrees and a low of minus 2 degrees.

Beavers said there could be some snowfall today but it should cease by noon. Beavers said Elkins could receive up to three inches of accumulation during the time period. However, he said no more snow is expected until Thursday.

“Typically, we see colder temperatures when we don’t have precipitation,” Beavers said. “This happens because there is no cloud coverage. The clouds work like a blanket and they keep the heat from escaping upward.”

For the most part, Beavers said the wind won’t contribute much of a factor in making temperatures colder. However, he said wind gusts could reach 15 to 20 mph at times on Monday.

“Any amount of wind at all can make it bitter cold,” Beavers said. “This could cause the windchill factor to be around 20 degrees below zero.”