Superintendent Super’s contract extended

PHILIPPI – Barbour County School Superintendent Dr. Joseph Super, who had intended to serve only until June, has accepted an offer to extend his contract to June 2015.

He had earlier received a favorable performance review from the Barbour County Board of Education.

The Rev. Robert Wilkins, president of the Barbour County Board of Education, recently announced that the board had completed a preliminary evaluation of the superintendent and agreed that he is on track and even exceeding expectations in some areas.

Wilkins said the board then agreed to offer the one-year contract extension.

“Basically, as a superintendent, he is doing a great job,” Wilkins said. “He has helped us through many tough decisions, and his performance has been such that we have no qualms in offering him an extended contract.”

Wilkins said three of the five Barbour County Board of Education seats are up for re-election and the board wants as little disruption as possible. He said board members are concerned because so much is going on with education at the state and national levels.

“Keeping Dr. Super on for the next year is what is best for the Barbour County school system,” Wilkins said.

Super said, “I appreciate the support of the board.” He added, “Staying after this year was not in my original plan, but I have decided to stay longer.”

He said his goals remain in place.

“My goals include working to keep Barbour County schools financially stable, addressing the priority and focus (designations of) schools in Barbour County and working with the community,” Super said.

His annual salary in 2013 was $95,000. Details of the contract extension are to be considered at a subsequent board meeting.

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