Final list of candidates is compiled

Candidates across the region continued to file for office through midnight, Saturday, Jan. 25 – the last day to file for county office in the May 13 primary election.

Randolph County

Five people have filed to run for the open Randolph County Commission seat in the May primary.

Chris See, the current president of the Randolph County Commission, a Democrat, filed to run for a second term on Monday. Democrat George M. Riggleman Jr., of Beverly, also filed last week and will challenge incumbent See for the seat, as will John Andrew Burns, a Democrat from Beverly; James Daniel Dean, a Republican from Beverly; and Lloyd Heckel, a Democrat from Elkins, who all filed this week.

A Democratic and a Republican nominee for the County Commission seat will be decided in the primary, with those two candidates then competing in the November election.

Three board of education seats will be open in the election.

Randolph County Board of Education President Lisa M. Wamsley, of Valley Bend, and current incumbents Ed Tyre, of Elkins, and David Kesling Jr., of Elkins, have also filed, as have challengers Donna Jean Auvil, of Elkins, and Janie Newlon, of Montrose.

The board of education race will be nonpartisan, with the three winners decided in the primary election. Each of the three positions for the board of education carries a four-year term.

Joe Arley Gum, of Elkins, is set to run for conservation district supervisor, a nonpartisan race in which the candidates must be landowners and have education or experience in conservation.

Gum is currently the only candidate who has filed for the position.

Margaret Ann Beckwith, a Democrat, from Elkins; Robert Elbon Sr., a Democrat from Dailey; Gerald A. Simmons, a Democrat from Dailey; Stanley A. Gould, a Democrat from Elkins; Julia R. Stevenson, a Democrat from Elkins; Carol Cain Bush, a Democrat from Elkins; Frank P. Bush, a Democrat from Elkins; Charles L. Church, a Democrat of Valley Bend; and Davis “Ross” Rao, a Democrat from Elkins all filed to run for a position on the Randolph County Democratic Executive Committee, the 2nd Congressional District Committee, the 11th Senatorial District Committee and the 43rd Delegate District Committee.

Carolyn Tyre Jackson, a Republican from Elkins; Judith Ann Guye, a Republican from Elkins; Mary Catherine Boltz, a Republican from Beverly; Barbara Tyre, a Republican, from Elkins; Steven Cook, a Republican from Elkins; and Phillips B. Kolsun, a Republican from Elkins are all running for the Randolph County Republican Executive Committee.

Candidates may also file for the Party Executive Committees and the County Executive Committees races. All of these positions carry four-year terms.

Tucker County

In Tucker County, Patrick E. Darlington, Republican, has filed to run against incumbent Michael “Mike” Rosenau for Tucker County Commission. Both candidates live in Parsons.

Three positions are available on the Tucker County Board of Education. Incumbent Janet Preston, a Democrat from Davis, is being challenged by Judy B. Fairbanks, a Republican from Parsons; Kim Flanagan, a Republican from Davis; Andrew Meador, a Republican from Parsons; and Kevin While, a Democrat from Hambleton.

Republicans Fran Shupp, of Thomas, and Bruce Kolsun, of Parsons, have filed for County Republican Executive Committee. Republicans David Bonner, of Hendricks, and Debbie Stevens, of Parsons, have both filed to run for conservation district supervisor.

Upshur County

Four individuals will vie for one seat on the Upshur County Commission, and all are Republican newcomers. Terry Cutright, of Buckhannon, has filed to run for the seat in the 2nd magisterial district that will be vacated when County Commissioner Donnie Tenney’s term expires. Cutright is joined by Lida Kevin Hawkins, of Tallmansville; Richard Steven Booth, of Buckhannon; and Michael Cowger, of Buckhannon.

County commission seats carry a six-year term.

Six individuals have filed for three Upshur County Board of Education seats that will become available at the end of the year. Newcomers Patrick Stephen Martin, of Buckhannon, and Keely Burnside, of Buckhannon, will vie against incumbent board members Greenbrier David Ralph Almond, of Buckhannon, and Teresa Marshall Bellamy, of Buckhannon, for a board seat in the 1st Magisterial District.

Carl Robert Martin, of Buckhannon, is running for a board seat representing the 2nd Magisterial District. Tom Davis, of Buckhannon, is running for a seat in the 3rd Magisterial District.

Each of the three positions on the board of education carries a four-year term.

John Coe Sencindiver has filed to run for conservation district supervisor, which also carries a four-year term.

Barbour County

Republican incumbent Tim McDaniel, the current president of the Barbour County Commission, has filed to run for re-election. Running against him as Republicans are Judy Gain and Jim Kines Jr. The Democratic candidate for commissioner is Adam Marsh.

Democratic candidate Tamula “Tammy” Stemple of Philippi filed to run for the 47th district House of Delegates position.

Stemple also is running for the county’s Democratic Executive Committee. Also running are Sharon Corley, Eloise W. Hollen, Lynne Snyder and Joyce Wilson. Men running for the Democratic Executive Committee include Larry Corley and Mark L. Hollen.

Men running for the county’s Republican Executive committee include Max Grove and John J. Heiss. Only one woman, Jo Grove, is running for the Republican Executive Committee.

Max Grove also has filed for the Delegate District Executive Committee and the Senatorial District Executive Committee.

Board of education candidates are incumbent Joanne McConnell and Reggie Trefethen, both for the North District.

The candidate for the conservation district supervisor is Democrat Robert “Bee Bob” Wolfe.