Home Ties offering new learning options

The Home Ties Child Care at Youth Health Service is offering parents new learning options for toddlers and young children.

“Along with our regular full-day child care program for infants and pre-school children, Home Ties Child Care Center is now offering two half-day programs for children age 2-4 years old,” Jayme Herron, director of Home Ties, said. “Parents interested in part-time and half-time day programs for their young children will benefit from these options.”

Herron said the additions will benefit children by providing time for interaction with others of the same age, and help provide a quality early childhood education.

“The center will now offer a morning session from 8:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. option and an afternoon session that begins at 1:15 p.m., and runs until 5:15 p.m.,” Herron said. “Parents can select two to five days per week for their child. Those attending the morning sessions will receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch, while those in the afternoon session will be offered a hardy snack.”

Herron said the open enrollment for this new program is Feb. 3 to 14, and during this period, the registration fee will be waived.

“The new half-day program sessions begin March 3, and space is limited,” she said. “Those interested in the open enrollment may pick up a packet at the center, located at 971 Harrison Ave. in Elkins. Tours of the facility will be available during the enrollment period.”

Quality early childhood learning experiences are important in every child’s future success in school.

“We chose the High Scope Early Learning Curriculum for Home Ties several years ago because it is well-developed and has a proven record for helping very young children learn the skills they need to be ready and successful in school,” Herron said.

While at Home Ties, young children are engaged throughout each day in the High Scopes Early Childhood Curriculum, which provides many fun learning opportunities for pre-schoolers. All Home Ties Child Care staff members are trained in the High Scope Curriculum, including Randolph County Pre-K classrooms. Children attending Home Ties pre-school will have a seamless transition to Pre-K.

Herron said High Scopes provides a balanced variety of experiences and learning opportunities in all Home Ties classrooms.

“During the day, children participate in individual and social play, small and large group activities, assist with cleanup, socialize during family-style meals, develop self-care skills and exercise their small and large muscles during indoor and outdoor play,” Herron said.

She added, “A key High Scope technique classroom teachers use is dividing the classroom into interest areas stocked with stimulating materials designed for specific types of play. They include a house area, art area, block area, small toy area and reading and writing areas. Materials are arranged in the same places and are tagged with child-friendly labels, allowing the children to get out and put away materials they choose to use.”

“This is a great opportunity for parents who want their children to engage in a safe social time and begin learning skills that will help them prepare for Pre-K, but don’t need full-day child care,” Herron said. “Each Home Ties classroom is staffed with qualified, experienced teachers trained in the High Scope Early Childhood Curriculum.”

Youth Health Service, Inc., is a private non-profit agency providing services to children and families since 1978. In 1997, Youth Health Service opened Home Ties Child Care to provide quality early childhood care and educational programs for families with young children age six weeks to 12 years.

Home Ties further extended its services in 2005 when it began collaboration with the Randolph County Board of Education to start a Pre-K program. Home Ties Child Care and Development Center is licensed by West Virginia DHHR as a qualified child care center. Home Ties is the only child care center in Randolph County that is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Youth Children, officials said.

In addition to infant and pre-school programs, Home Ties offers year-round programs for students after school, on non-school days and during summer break.

Additional information about Home Ties is available by calling 304-636-9450 or online at www.youth-health.org.