JRES Fair winners announced

Jennings Randolph Elementary School students participated in a Social Studies Fair on Tuesday.

Winners include:

World History, first place, Bethany Bennett, “My Ancestors: Who They Were & How They Influenced Who I Am?”; second place, Kelseigh Monk, “Titanic: The Anatomy of a Giant”; and third place, Hannah Easton, “Alexander Graham Bell: Changing the Way We Communicate.”

Anthropology, first place, Albert Chewning, “How the Egyptians Built The Pyramids”; second place, Amine Loutfi, “The History of Berbers in Morocco”; and third place, Alyssa Ruggerio, “Likes & Difference of Navajo & Cherokee Tribes.”

Psychology, second place, Caleb Martin, “Child Abuse and Neglect,” and third place, Jerel Manning, “How Video Games Affect Kids & Adults.”

Sociology, first place, Jade McGee, “The Power of Dance,” and second place, Kaylee Altman, “How Some Immigrants are Treated.”

Group, second place, Trenton Marino and Izzak Whetsell, “Is Minecraft Educational.”

Economics, first place, Jeffrey Parsons, “NASCAR Car Cups: The Evolution of Technology, Style & Business,” and second place, Nicholas Barrickman, “What is Paper Engineering.”

Political Science, first place, Krystopher Monk, “The Assassination of JFK & How It Led to Foreign Policy Changes During the Cold War.”

U.S. History, first place, Skylar Kaufman, “John Wilkes Booth: Inside the Mind of an Assassin”; second place, Aiden Gard, “The Alamo: A Legacy of Bravery”; and third place, Ryan DiBacco, “SR71: A Plane Ahead of Its Time.”

State & Local History, first place, Levi Smith, “My Mountain Home”; second place, Caroline Newlon, “What is the Mountain State Forest Festival?”; and third place, Ivan Looney-Sanders, “The Battle of Point Pleasant.”