Organizers begin planning annual Relay

ELKINS – Officials began planning for the 2014 Randolph County Relay For Life – to be held Saturday, June 7 from noon to midnight at the Town Square in Elkins – with a special meeting Monday.

More than 40 were in attendance for the spring kickoff meeting held at the First Baptist Church in Elkins.

The official theme for this year’s event is, “One World … One Cure.” Each team will choose a country, state, town or city to represent their team and find an item about that place to share at their tent. Each tent will be decorated and have the option of selling a food item that represents the place they chose.

Judy Ritchie, the 2014 Randolph County Relay For Life director, said, “There are thousands of relays across the world and I think our theme is what they are all after. While we want to see the cure, we are really after stopping the pain and suffering.”

Meetings for the team captains will be held at 6 p.m. on the second and fourth Monday of each month at the First Baptist Church.

The fourth Monday in May is Memorial Day, so that meeting will be moved to June 2 and be held at the railyard so layouts and plans can be made for the event.

Mike Alkire, an American Cancer Society Relay For Life specialist, discussed the money that was raised last year and the goals for this year.

Approximately $69,000 was raised in Randolph County in 2013, he said.

“The goal is to get more survivors involved,” Alkire said. “It has been proven that teams with survivors raise more money.”

Many fundraising events and the survivor breakfast are still in the works.

Ritchie said, “Watch for announcements of team fundraisers and survivor breakfast to come.”

For those interested in getting involved or donating to Relay For Life, more information can be found at or on the Relay For Life Facebook page.