Pupils show off digital skills

ELKINS – Teachers, students and parents celebrated digital learning Wednesday at Jennings Randolph Elementary School, showcasing new equipment purchased with levy funds.

Parents were invited to the school for the celebration, and officials said they hoped parents would expand on the technology learning at home. JRES first grade teacher Phyllis Teter said technology is a way of life for students today.

“Kids love using technology,” Teter said. “They are surrounded by technology and use it every day.”

In Teter’s classroom, student Elliott Arbogast showed his mom how he uses a digital game, projected on the wall, to practice spelling.

“Seeing the technology kids are using in learning today is amazing,” Elliott’s mother, Beth Mallow, said.

“Kids today have so many things that we did not, such as computers, homework online, cell phones, lap tops, DVD players and video games at home,” Mallow said. “We just had to use books and paper and pencil.”

JRES special education instructor Ellen Shepherd said the Digital Learning Day was a success.

“We wanted to show how much students use technology in learning,” Shepherd said. “Digital learning surrounds our students and is part of their everyday life.”

Additional information about digital learning is available online at digitallearningday.org/.