Readers share Valentine’s memories

Valentine’s Day has been associated with love, flowers, candy and jewelry for many years. Couples exchange presents, plan special dinners and strive to spend time together in celebration of the day.

One Elkins couple, Brent and Christie Kepner, celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very special way – they were married on Feb. 14, 27 years ago.

“I married the love of my life,” Christie Kepner said. “It looked a lot like it does outside today – lots of snow.”

She said the snow that winter made their honeymoon in the Bahamas that much better.

Lisa Galford, of Marlinton, said she and her husband also were wed on Valentine’s Day.

“My favorite Valentine’s Day was Feb. 14, 2008, the day I married my husband and best friend, Michael Galford,” Lisa Galford said.

Another Valentine memory was shared by Mill Creek resident Ellen


“My best Valentine’s Day was 34 years ago when my son was born,” Fortney said. “He is my favorite Valentine!”

Fortney said this year, she will go to her son Dennis’ home to celebrate his birthday with dinner and cake.

Margie Wamsley, of Elkins, said her son asked her what she plans to do this Valentine’s Day.

“I say probably just sitting at home,” Wamsley said. “Your dad will be working.”

Wamsley said he told her he is taking her to dinner. “So dinner it is with the best son ever.”

She said the best Valentine’s Day for her was 1999.

“My hubby bought me a new car,” Wamsley said. “He put a big red bow on it and called me outside and I danced like there’s no


Lisa Dunn McCortney, of Christiansburg, Va., said her best Valentine’s Day was when she came home to find her husband dressed in a tuxedo.

“He made the most delicious dinner, complete with wine and candlelight,” McCortney said. “He pampered me like I was a queen.”

K.J. Shaffer, of Ellamore, said he is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by having dinner with at least one good friend.

“We are going to have lots of laughs,” Shaffer said.

Elkins resident Deborah Kendrick said she is celebrating Valentine’s Day by going out to eat with a very special man.

“It will be special to me because I wasn’t sure he would be here to celebrate any holidays with me after the accident in October,” Kendrick said. “I am feeling blessed.”

Belington resident Nancy Anne Loudin follows one rule for Valentine’s Day.

“I never eat out,” Loudin said. “The best Valentine’s Day celebrations I remember were when I made heart-shaped cookies for my kids’ classes when they were in grade school.”

Rebecca Shumway said she treats herself first.

“This year, I will buy myself a box of chocolates and eat the whole thing.”