Social studies fair winners chosen

BEVERLY – Families and school staff gathered at Beverly Fire Hall Wednesday to see who would take top honors in the Randolph County Social Studies Fair.

The fair’s coordinator, Paul Zickefoose, principal of Beverly Elementary, said the projects help students with communication and other valuable skills.

“The students did well,” Zickefoose said. “We had good representation from all across the county.”

“I went today and observed the projects,” Randolph County Superintendent of Schools Terry George said. “I talked with some of the students who were there being judged, and I feel they had some of the best projects we have ever had the pleasure to see.”

George said he watched some of the students make their presentation.

“They were poised and articulate, and the judges were doing a great job,” George said.

Fourteen volunteers helped judge the projects.

Winners of the Randolph County Social Studies Fair include:

Anthropology, Division I, individual – First place, Aiden Snodgrass, Beverly Elementary, “What part did the mountain men play in making America what it is?”; second place, Albert Chewning, Jennings Randolph Elementary, “How the Egyptians built the pyramids”; and third place, Abbigail Keller, North Elementary, “Why were the pyramids built?”

Anthropology, Division I, small group – First place, Haleigh Wilfong and Katelyn Fike, Valley Head Elementary, “Swartzentruber Amish.”

Economics, Division II, individual – First place, Summer Turner, Harman School, “Corn”; and second place, Lane Kalar, Elkins Middle School, “Through the years, what is the history of the John Deere Company?”

Economics, Division I, individual – First place, Sam Sizick, Midland Elementary, “Economics of WVU Football”; second place, Jonathan Elmore, North Elementary, “Do sports cards have economic value?”; third place, Keenan Smith, Coalton Elementary, “Hurricane Sandy: The cost of a super storm”; honorable mention, Alex Petrice, Beverly Elementary, “How are goods distributed?”; and honorable mention, Jeffrey Parsons, Jennings Randolph Elementary, “NASCAR Car Cups: The evolution of technology, style & business.”

Geography, Division I, individual – First place, Tess McCartney, North Elementary, “Nazca Lines: What do you believe?”; and second place, Brenlyn Swecker, George Ward, “Eagle River Wisconsin.”

Political Science, Division I, individual – First place, Krystopher Monk, Jennings Randolph Elementary, “The assassination of JFK & how it led to foreign policy changes during the Cold War.”

Psychology, Division I, individual – First place, Anson Simms, North Elementary, “How does mysophobia rule a person’s life?”

Psychology, Division I, small group – Third place, Tracey Matthew and Diavion Bostick, Valley Head, “Mothman.”

Sociology, Division II, individual – Second place, Alex Chestna, Elkins Middle School, “The history of Nintendo.”

Sociology, Division I, small group – Second place, Abigail Cabaniss and Amber Sanders, “Iraq War.”

Sociology, Division I, individual – First place, Anna Crumm, Beverly, “Steve Jobs, how he changed the world”; second place, AnnMarie Raschella, Coalton Elementary, “West Virginia Coal Mining”; third place, Thomas Rennix, North Elementary, “What are the pros and cons of social media?”; and honorable mention, Jade McGee, Jennings Randolph Elementary, “The power of dance.”

State and Local History, Division I, small group – First place, Riley Tackett, Ian Maxwell and Matthew Pratt, Homestead Elementary, “WV native tribe Shawnee.”

State and Local History, Division II, small group – First place, Kylie Teter, Alison Warner, Harman School, “Will it ever stop raining?”

State and Local History, Division I, individual – First place, Haleigh Riggleman, Beverly Elementary, “Maple Syrup: A West Virginia treasure”; second place, Hailey Lanham, North Elementary, “What happened on January 06, 2006 at the Sago Mine?”; third place, Alexis Lane, Coalton Elementary, “Coal mining in West Virginia”; honorable mention, Lindsay Arbogast, Valley Head Elementary, “Wilma Lee Cooper”; and honorable mention, Levi Smith, Jennings Randolph Elementary, “My mountain home.”

U.S. History, Division II, small group – First place, Sophia Triplett, Hayden Long and George Triplett, Elkins Middle School, “Blue Angels”; and honorable mention, Natalie Teter and Allen Bonner, Harman, “Ellis Island.”

U.S. History, Division I, small group – First place, Alexa Triplett and Lee Chua, Midland Elementary, “The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels”; second place, Evan Humphrey and Devon Channell, Beverly Elementary, “The California Gold Rush of 1849”; third place, Abigail Phillips and Brooklyn Howell, Coalton, “Westward Expansion”; and honorable mention, Emily Lanham and Gracie McCauley, George Ward Elementary, “The Pledge of Allegiance.”

U.S. History, Division II, individual – First place, Justin White, Elkins Middle School, “Navy Seals, Why were they formed?”; and third place, Mason Kimbleton, Harman School, “Neil Armstrong.”

U.S. History, Division I, individual – First place, Tristan Croson, Midland Elementary, “Pocahontas’ influence on the early American settlers”; second place, Travis Jones, North Elementary, “What happened during the bombing of Pearl Harbor?”; third place, Skylar Kaufman, Jennings Randolph Elementary, “John Wilkes Booth: Inside the mind of an assassin”; and honorable mention, Salali Witt, Homestead, “Betsy Ross.”

World History, Division II, individual – second place, Harmony Wilson, Elkins Middle School, “What is Highland Dance?”

World History, Division II, small group – First place, Kayla Bassoff and Rachel Crawford, Elkins Middle School, “Fantastic Olympic gymnasts.”

World History, Division I, individual – First place, Alexandra Hall, Beverly Elementary, “Walt Disney: Creator of Magical Worlds”; second place, Evelyn Bennett, Third Ward Elementary, “What is Highland Dancing?”; and third place, Bethany Bennett, Jennings Randolph Elementary, “My ancestors: Who they were & how they influenced who I am.”

The first-place winners will move on to compete in the 2014 RESA 7 Social Studies Fair March 21 at the Fairmont Middletown Mall.