Capito speaks at Randolph County Lincoln Day Dinner

ELKINS – U.S. Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., told Republicans attending Sunday’s Randolph County Republican Executive Community Lincoln Day Dinner that 2014 is going to be a good year.

“We have people who want to get in and run as Republicans in the state,” Capito said. “We have primaries. We have had domination at the state house by the Democrats since 1928 and this year, 2014, is going to be the year that West Virginia makes history by electing a Republican House of Delegates in Charleston.”

Capito said she remembers when she was first running for Congress and how difficult it is to meet folks and get the message out.

“You will not find any better people in the 17 counties of the 2nd Congressional District than those in Randolph County,” Capito said. “We need to make sure in November that we have a Republican in this seat as you all have gifted to my family for the last 14 years. We must have that Republican voice on both sides in Washington.”

Capito said she was trying a new venue in moving to the U.S. Senate.

“When I look at what’s going on in our country, I get concerned about the vision and the future of our country for my own grandchildren,” Capito said. “I am worried. They have so much debt on their heads, and if we don’t do something to reign that in, they will be in a weakened country. If you don’t have your financial issues in order, it makes it difficult to make decisions.”

Capito said government spending needs to be cut.

“There is a $17 trillion debt,” Capito said. “The solution by the Senate is to raise taxes.

“They never talk about cutting spending or reining in government, getting rid of waste or getting rid of fraud or making sure we are accountable to taxpayers.”

Capito said the government needs to get its financial house in order in Washington.

“To do that, we need to change the U.S. Senate,” Capito said. “To reign in the EPA and these out of control regulations that are costing West Virginians jobs.”

She said when the President says the U.S. needs to wean itself off of fossil fuels, he is not just talking about coal.

“We have seen what he has done,” she said. “We have seen the war on coal, we have seen the job loss, we have seen the loss in severance taxes in our counties that rely on coal and our school systems. We cannot allow that to go on. It is a total overreach by the President.”

Capito said a farmer in Pendleton County had aerial surveillance on his turkey farm.

“Is this what we want our tax dollars doing?” Capito said. “I think that is overextending of the regulatory system.”

Capito said the voice of West Virginia needs changing and she wants to be a part of that voice for the people, their children and grandchildren. She said when elected to the Senate, she will work to see the Health Care Bill is fixed.

“I look forward to being able to fill the role as a U.S. Senator so I can wield that power a little bit more,” she said. “We are off to the races, and so far, so good. But I cannot do it without your help. You helped me win the hearts of Randolph countians early.

“You have blessed our family and blessed me with 14 years of an incredible experience,” Capito said. “We are going in the right direction.”

Capito asked attendees not only to vote for her, but to help elect the many other Republicans in the room.

“Being in Elkins is like coming home,” Capito said. “We have been here for many of the Mountain State Forest Festivals and Strawberry Festivals and been to the college. We have come to know the people here and we feel at home.

“I want to thank Carolyn (Jackson) and all of her committee for putting together a wonderful afternoon,” Capito said. “I originally thought it would be hard to get folks out on a Sunday afternoon. But people came out because they believe – we are concerned about the direction of the country, we are concerned about where we are going and it’s time to take time out to talk about the future of the country, the state and your local community.”

Also during Sunday’s Lincoln Day Dinner, Jackson was named the Republican of the Year. The presentation was made by last year’s recipient Barbara Tyre.

Teri Topping said she

attended the Lincoln Day

Dinner to show her support for Capito and other


“We hosted a get together last August for Shelley Moore Capito,” Topping said. “We just want to show our support.”

Republican candidates for U.S. House of Representatives 2nd Congressional District also introduced themselves and told of their experience and reason for running for


Those include Charlotte Lane, Alex Mooney and Ken Reed. Republican candidates for West Virginia Senate 11th District Steve Foster and Robert Karnes spoke, as did 43rd District House of Delegates candidates Mary Boltz and Charles Kennison. James Dean, candidate for Randolph County Commission also spoke during Sunday’s dinner.

Randolph County Republican Executive Committee members include Jackson; Mike House, vice-chairman; Billie Sipes, secretary; Cynthia Phares, treasurer; Mary Boltz; Steven Cook; John Hemple; Phillips Kolsun; and Judy Guye Swanson.