Community Corrections seeking a new employee

ELKINS – North Central Community Corrections is searching for a new employee, the agency’s board of directors announced Thursday.

Erin Golden, the newly appointed Randolph County NCCC regional director, announced there is a position for a Day Report Center officer available.

Golden, who filled the gap left by the resignation of former director Travis Carter, explained the position will require three to five years of experience in the criminal justice field, or a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

She also said the position will be funded by grants.

“We are hoping to start the selection process by April,” Golden said. “We are excited to get someone in here to help out.”

According to the Randolph County Commission’s official website, DRC officers help provide guidance to drug and alcohol offenders.

The officers play a crucial role in the correctional program that provides rehabilitative services to transition offenders back to their local community.

Applicants for the job will undergo a series of interviews and a background check as part of the employment process.

Also during the meeting, Sean M. Noland, justice programs monitor for West Virginia’s Division of Justice and Community Services, paid a visit to the NCCC’s Board of Directors and engaged in a question and answer session about the program and the state’s expectations for it.

Noland explained that one of his duties is to check in on all of the Community Corrections boards in the state to see if they are meeting the state standards.

Stu Gillispie, the head of NCCC’s Board of Directors, asked Noland how the local program stacks up with others in the state.

“I would say, from what I’ve seen, that this is a comparatively active board compared to others throughout the area and in the state,” Noland replied.

Another topic discussed during the meeting was the decision to start looking for clothing item donations for Community Corrections program participants, particularly those who do their community service work outside. Organizations such as the Elkins-Randolph County YMCA and Catholic Charities were mentioned as potential donation sources.

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