Elkins Council discusses budget

ELKINS – Elkins City Council met Monday to discuss the proposed $4 million budget for the coming fiscal year.

According to the proposed fiscal year 2014-15 budget, which will be voted on at a special meeting Wednesday, the city’s projected revenue is projected to be $4,161,588, down from $4.386,689 in the 2013-14 budget.

The proposed budget reflects efforts by Council to curtail spending.

According to information provided to The Inter-Mountain by Finance Committee Chairman Bob Woolwine, the proposed budget does not include an across the board pay increase for city employees. Council passed a resolution in December giving employees a stipend each year if money is available.

“Requests from outside organizations totaled $496,275,” Woolwine wrote in a memo given to council members. “While we wanted to show the city’s support for these entities, we felt the need to reduce the amounts granted. All organizations were decreased.”

At Monday’s meeting, Woolwine said the finance committee met and estimated proposed revenues and expenses the end of last week.

“They are working within their budgets, maybe even back and forth, to make everything work out as best they can,” Woolwine said. “They have to work with this.”

Woolwine said he wanted City Council members to take the proposed budget home and read it.

“Then on Wednesday, we will bring it back for a vote,” Woolwine said. “I also want to give you a copy of the contributions to outside organizations. I put that on a separate sheet. We will deal with that Wednesday.”

Woolwine said members could look at what was requested and what was proposed.

“However you all want to change them, that is fine,” Woolwine said. “Just keep in mind that if you take $5,000 to give to one organization, you have to find $5,000 to give to them. You will have to keep

that within the perimeters of the contributions.”

Elkins City Treasurer Lisa Daniels-Smith said the city’s administrative officers are hoping to carry out what is given to them and want to work within those guidelines.

“I think this process worked well,” Operations Manager Bob Pingley said.

Elkins City Council is slated to meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday to approve the budget.