Elkins inn changing name

ELKINS – After 20 years of being an award-winning property, the name of Elkins Days Inn will change to Elkins Inn and Suites on April 1.

Elkins Metro Corporation, which owns the Randolph Center where the inn is located, is choosing to end its successful 20-year franchise agreement with Days Inn after March 31.

The Elkins Inn and Suites will offer 46 guest rooms. The new name was selected to highlight the city of Elkins, and will feature a 1920s kitchen and parlor in the lobby. The interior will be decorated with circular windows and will follow the theme “Windows on the City.”

Elkins Metro Corporation spokeswoman Julia Elbon said she looks forward to the new look for the inn.

“It will be fun to redecorate,” Elbon said. “The renewal of the facility will span the next year and will reflect Elkins and its local flare.”

Elbon said the renewal will tell of Elkins, its history, activities and people.

“When you stay in the Elkins Inn and Suites, you will feel like you are a part of the local history,” Elbon said. “Folks will want to know more about the area. The Elkins Inn and Suites will be the welcoming host to our community or perhaps offer a revisitation of your own heritage.”

Elbon said the change in names will allow for more personalization of the space.

“Franchises do not allow personalization of space because all rooms must be decorated the same,” Elbon said. “By turning to this name, it offers the opportunity to portray the local character of the Elkins area. The 10 popular Jacuzzi suites, king, queen and full rooms will be renamed.”

Elbon said the group is excited and wants to reinforce the cherished heritage of Elkins.

“People have been suggesting ideas, activities and people for decoration ideas,” Elbon said. “It seems every time I go out, I get a new idea.”

Elbon said the new sign was designed by local artist Mark Branciaroli.

Additional information about Elkins Inn and Suites is available by calling 304-637-4667 or on-line at