Parsons police chief resigns

PARSONS – The Parsons chief of police, Jonathan Jones, has tendered his resignation to return to Georgia.

He and his family moved to Tucker County in June because Jones’ mother, Texie Ann Hebb, was from Tucker County and they always dreamed of living here.

“We are moving back to Georgia to tend to some family members,” Jones said. “Moving here was a dream come true, and I was so excited to find a job where I was already qualified. It is a kick in the gut to have to give it up.”

Members of the Parsons City Council voted during their March 11 meeting to accept Jones’ resignation with deep regret.

“We hate to see John go, and will miss him and his family,” Mayor Dorothy Judy said. “They have been an asset to our community.”

Jones said he’s loved living in Tucker County.

“Living here has shown me and my wife how badly we wanted to live in Tucker County,” Jones said. “Being here has helped us see the path we will have to take to come back to our family and many friendships. We intend to come back to visit and move back here someday soon.”

Jones said he is fortunate that he will be able to return to his former job in Cedartown, Ga., with the Polk County Police Department.

“When I left, the chief said if I ever came back, my job would be available,” Jones said. “I called him and he said it was kind of funny because he had a position that needed filling.”

Jones said living and working as the Parsons police chief has been a unique experience.

“There is no animosity here, and other police and law enforcement officers will help with what you need,” Jones said.

“The Parsons residents and those in the county show respect and admiration for those of us in law enforcement,” Jones said. “It is something I will miss until I return home to West Virginia again.”

Parsons City Council will select an interim chief of police during their 6 p.m. Tuesday meeting.