Peace of Mind

ELKINS – Parents worry about their children when they are not in their sight, but the Youth Health Service Home Ties Child Care and Development Program offers a Pre-K program that offers parents peace of mind.

Before- and after-school care is available at the same location as the 4-year-olds’ Pre-K program. Jayme Herron, director of the Youth Health Center Home Ties Child Care and Development Program, said children do not have to be shuffled to other care facilities, making it easier on the students and the parents.

“The Home Ties Child Care and Development Program Pre-K spares children from being disrupted over and over during their day by allowing them to receive all services from one location,” Herron said.

“All Pre-K programs in the county use the same curriculum and all instructors are required to have the same training. So children in all Randolph County Pre-K programs receive the same education – our program just makes the transition easier.”

Youth Health Service offers a collaborative Pre-K classroom with Randolph County Schools. Any child who is 4 years old by Sept. 1 is eligible to apply. There is no cost for the program during Pre-K hours. The program offers wrap-around child care for any working parent who needs it. Mountain Heart or private payments are accepted.

The Pre-K program at Home Ties has the capacity for 20 students. All of the rules, curriculum and learning are the same as in all the Randolph County Pre-K programs. The program features a qualified teacher and classroom aide.

“The difference lies in the fact that parents can drop children off in the morning before school and pick them up after work without disrupting their day by moving them from school to childcare,” said Margy Burns, Youth Health Service director.

“If there is no school, the children come for childcare. There is no cost for the Pre-K program and parents can enroll children in the program without using any of the other Youth Health Home Ties Programs, but they are available for those who need to utilize childcare.”

The Home Ties Pre-K program offers a highly qualified staff teaching kindergarten readiness skills. It offers a high-scope curriculum, with children participating in small groups, large groups and individualized activities. There are daily opportunities for experiences in language and literacy, mathematics, science, physical health, the arts, social studies and social and emotional development.

“You can apply for your child to attend any Pre-K location during application days,” Herron said. “Just mark Youth Health Services Pre-K as your first choice.”

Youth Health Services has been a collaborative partner with Randolph County Schools for 10 years. Home Ties Child Care and Development Pre-K program has achieved a high standard with its accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Youth Health Services Home Ties Day Child Care and Development Program is located at 971 Harrison Ave. in Elkins.

Additional information about the program is available by calling 304-636-9450 or online at