Randolph BOE requests SBA funds

CHARLESTON – Randolph County school officials traveled to Charleston Monday seeking funding to finish renovations at Tygarts Valley Middle-High School.

Randolph County Superintendent Terry George and Board of Education President Lisa Wamsley met with the School Building Authority of West Virginia to ask for $3.7 million to fund the renovations.

“The SBA has several million dollars and we feel this proposal is a quality project,” George said. “We feel we have an excellent opportunity to have our proposal funded.” The School Building Authority was scheduled to hear requests from 20 county school systems this week.

George said the funding would complete the 2001 TVHS renovations. He said upgrades would be made to the lighting, doors, windows, electrical system, technology, flooring, ceiling tiles, locker rooms, gymnasium and older classrooms.

“I have put together a packet that outlines the prospective project,” George said. “It includes specifics on the cost, benefits and long-term benefits to the students the school serves.”

George said the school system is using contributions and in-kind donations to leverage the funds.

“We are fortunate for the contribution of Don Judy that helped with electrical, lighting, landscaping and the gymnasium,” George said. “The Wallace family also donated land that will be used as a practice field.

“We reallocated some of the levy maintenance funds to help with the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. We hope the SBA will accept this as a significant contribution in leveraging our requested funding.”

Speaking after the meeting with the SBA on Monday, George said he felt the presentation went well.

“They asked me to explain how this would benefit the school and the students,” George said in a phone interview. “I told them about the reallocated levy money that was substituted for HVAC upgrades.”

George said the Tygarts Valley Middle-High School project began in 2001, and he wants to see it completed.

“We told them about our matching funding,” George said. “The proposed project was very well-received by the SBA board members. They felt it was a good project.”

George said the SBA’s project funding selection is tentatively slated for 9 a.m. April 28 in the Governor’s Press Conference Room in the State Capitol Complex in Charleston.