Student finding success

Editor’s note: This is the ninth in a series of articles highlighting local students and their accomplishments, in order to encourage young people to complete school and achieve their dreams.

ELKINS – Sometimes the path to success is not the easiest – but one student from Elkins chose the non-traditional path and is working very hard to obtain her goals. Brittany Hinchman dropped out of high school because she found she was bored with her classes and did not like going to school.

“Once I was out of school, it was not easy to find a job,” Hinchman said. “Most, if not all, places would not hire me because I did not have a high school diploma. I was not sure what I would do.”

And Hinchman found out she was pregnant with her son, Hayden.

“My son is wonderful and I will encourage him to do anything and everything he wants to do,” she said. “I will be his support system to help him succeed.”

Hinchman said a friend told her about a program where she could earn her GED, gain work skills, earn money for college and gather help to set goals. She signed up in October and is now completing work through YouthBuild in Elkins.

“I started in YouthBuild because I needed to get myself straight for me and my son,” Hinchman said. “So far I have completed my Ed to Go Program and have obtained a medical assistant certificate. I am volunteering at Davis Medical Center through the PATH program and help in registration.”

She said she is an AmeriCorp Volunteer and is earning money for school.

“When I go to college, I hope to major in general business,” Hinchman said. “I hope to work with children or in the medical field.”

Hinchman passed her GED test just weeks before Hayden was born.

“It was not easy to be pregnant, working, studying and doing everything else I needed to do,” Hinchman said. “It is still a challenge to work, study and take care of him but I am committed to the challenge.

Hinchman offers advice to those still in high school.

“High school is not easy,” Hinchman said. “But no matter what your problems are, work through them, go to classes, do your best and do not quit high school.”