Traffic stop results in drug charge

BUCKHANNON – An Elkins man remains incarcerated in lieu of a $50,000 bond after he was arrested for allegedly possessing $300 worth of cocaine.

Brandon Michael Beeson, 27, was charged with one felony count of possession with intent to deliver cocaine after being stopped on Route 33 by Patrolman First Class Nick Caynor of the Buckhannon Police Department Saturday.

According to the criminal complaint in the Upshur County Magistrate Clerk’s office, Caynor allegedly witnessed Beeson failing to stop at two stop signs – first at the intersection of Fifth Street and Morton Avenue and then at the intersection of Fifth Street and Route 33 East in Buckhannon.

When Caynor initiated a stop on Route 33 near the Gaudet Bridge, he discovered Beeson had no proof of an operator’s license, the complaint states.

Several other things did not add up.

“Upon checking the DMV files, it was found that the (license) plate did not match the vehicle and did not match the person that the defendant said owned the vehicle previously, noting that he had just purchased the vehicle from them,” Caynor wrote.

Caynor also noticed that Beeson “was staring into the driver’s side rearview (mirror), which is odd considering the brightness of the cruiser lights,” the complaint states.

Beeson was also fiddling with a backpack, which was placed on the passenger side of the vehicle, the complaint states.

After Beeson allegedly “changed his story” to state that he did not yet own the vehicle he was driving, a K-9 unit was dispatched to the scene.

The K-9 allegedly gave an indication that controlled substances were present in the vehicle, according to the complaint.

During a subsequent search of the vehicle, officers allegedly discovered three capsules that field-tested positive for cocaine, scales, “drug-chemical scoops,” multiple used and unused plastic bags, a pill grinder, a “needle user kit” and a small ledger showing debts owed, among other items, the complaint states.

According to the police report, the three capsules weighted 2.9 grams, which Caynor estimated to have a street value of $300.

As of presstime, Beeson remained in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail on a $50,000 bond.

The penalty for a conviction of possession of a controlled substance Schedule I or Schedule II is imprisonment for one to 15 years in a state penitentiary and/or a fine of up to $25,000.

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