Youth reel in fun at HOFNOD

ELKINS – Hundreds of area youth were reeled in by the 20th annual Hooked On Fishing Not On Drugs Expo at Elkins High School.

Those in attendance at the event were greeted by over 50 exhibits on Saturday and Sunday, which all were youth friendly and included some sort of activity or game, while also being informative and educational.

Robin Miller, committee chair and coordinator for the event, said all the booths stayed busy and that Mickey and Minnie Mouse were a huge hit.

“Attendance has been pretty good so far. It was slow at the beginning but it really started to pick up,” she said. “Mickey and Minnie Mouse were in the house and they (the kids) had a lot of fun with them. So far Mickey and Minnie are the most popular.

“Really all the booths are popular because they have to interact with the children with some kind of game. They have all been very busy every time I have walked through.”

In addition to the booths and exhibits, the expo featured turkey call competition and a fishing pond where children were given the opportunity to catch live fish. There also was a live goat and live fish exhibits where patrons were able to get up close and personal with the animals on display.

Raighan Carte, 5, and Kenadi Carte, 3, both said they enjoyed the fishing and live animal exhibits that were


“I have never been fishing before and the fish are my favorite part,” Raighan Carte said. Hudson Karlan, 5, and Landen Hamner, 7, said the games and prizes were the most fun part of their experiences at the expo.

“The games and balloons are my favorite part because I like the way they float in the air all the time,” Karlan said.

“I want to win a goldfish because I like the animals and want to take it home as my new pet,” Hamner added.

The weekend long event also featured seminars that explained the dangers of methamphetamine, bath salts and tobacco to patrons presented by the Randolph County America’s Promise Coalition and Family Resource Network.

“We think it’s important to get information out about the dangers of drugs, smoking and second and third hand smoke to families and encourage them to beware of the consequences of them,” Kris Kimble, regional tobacco prevention coordinator for the Coalition and FRN said.

Miller said that the event was a big success and would not have been possible without the help of the entire HOFNOD committee as well as the events sponsors and volunteers.

“I just organize the meeting, the whole committee makes this possible,” Miller said. “We would not be here without our volunteers and sponsors; there are a lot of people involved.”

“One person can’t take credit for all this, everyone helps with it,” she added.