Davis Medical Center honors volunteers

ELKINS – Davis Medical Center officials deemed their volunteers shining stars and honored them with a Volunteer Appreciation Ceremony and Luncheon Thursday.

Valerie Bright, volunteer coordinator, said she was thankful for the work the volunteers do for the facility.

“In 2013, 74 active volunteers served 10,664 hours,” Bright said. “You helped 4.400 visitors find their way and completed more than 1,000 special projects to assist the Davis Medical Center staff. More than 1,800 families were comforted in the surgical waiting room by a volunteer in 2013.”

Bright said the volunteer chaplains visited with more than 2,300 people and the out-patient desk volunteers issued more than 28,000 patient registration numbers.

“You delivered over 650 cards and flowers to patients and staff,” Bright said. “Davis Medical Center is a better place because of you. Thanks for all you do.”

DMC Board of Directors member Tom Felton commended the volunteers for their efforts.

“You do an amazing job,” Felton said. “When you walk into Davis Medical Center, you see the volunteers’ bright smiling faces. It gives everyone such a warm feeling.”

Mark Doak, chief executive officer for Davis Health System, said the volunteers are appreciated.

“At Davis Medical Center, we offer patient-friendly, quality healthcare,” Doak said. “This is made possible with the assistance of volunteers. Healthcare is changing, and the constant in that is that we have to take care of our patients.

“The Davis Medical Center Board of Directors, myself and everyone else associated with the center appreciate and thank you for what you do,” Doak said.

Volunteers received “years of service” pins, or certificates if they were in between pins. They were treated to a luncheon prepared by the Davis Medical Center Nutrition


Those recognized Thursday and their hours of service include: Karen Arbogast, 560; Anthony Arbogast, 86; Vicki Aucremanne, 215; Donna Auvil, 213; Gerri Bennett, 1,692; Millie Bennett, 104; John Campbell, 2,715; Sharon Chenoweth, 558; Chaplain Robert Conti; Stephen Cross, 825; Cheryll Deaner, 825; Emily Demotto, 236; Barbara Dilley, 182; Jane Dillon, 319; Chaplain Sue Farar; Chaplain David Fisher; Chaplain Brenda Forren; Chaplain Dallas Forren; Chaplain Ann Fretwell; Chaplain Joanne Glaser; Chaplain Timothy Glaser; Carolyn Gola, 703; Janice Gongola, 126; Vallie Goots, 6,788; Sheila Gregoire, 1,063; Jan Hagarty, 1.196; Doris Harner, 879; Donna Hommema, 955; Chaplain Eli Hostetler; Joy Hostetler, 664; Carol Hudnall, 882; Betty Jones, 1,441; Beverly Kessler, 1,535; Chaplain Harold Langevin; June Larkin, 740; Hollie Lukenbill, 39; Sue Manning, 146; Debbie Mayle, new volunteer; Judith McCauley, 89; Chaplain James Murphy; Alice Neitzert, 711; Carl Neitzert, 560; Patricia Nestor, 634; Jean Newman, 1,991; Bobbi O’Quinn, 375; Betty Patton, 8,159; Joanne Poling, 220; Wanda Price, 3.550; Betty Ross, 2,258; Mark Roy, new volunteer; Mary Lou Roy, 2,661; Debbie Simmons, 623; Jeannie Simmons, 238; Zona Simmons, 4,510; Linda Sprouse, 421; Eva Stalnaker, 4,469; Cindy Stemple, 259; Hannah Stephenson, 51; Wahneta Streets, 1,561; Mikki Summerfield, 92; Molly Swailes, new volunteer; Diana Vannoy, 447; John Wetzel, 229; Joan Williams, 191; and Nancy Williams, 510.

For more information on adult and junior volunteering or the DMH Auxiliary, call 304-637-3896 or e-mail volunteer@davishealthsystem.org.