Harman Fund distribution approved

PARSONS – Parsons City Council members voted unanimously to approve the 2014 distribution of the city’s William M. Harman Fund.

The fund’s total distribution for the year will be $871,000. Breakdown amounts approved by council are Parsons City Cemetery Committee, $69,000; Parsons Park Board Inc., $204,000; Five Rivers Public Library Board Inc., $97,700; and Benefit of the Citizens of Parsons Committee, $500,300.

Harman Funds distributed to the Parsons City Cemetery Committee will be used to maintain the Parsons City Cemetery, including payroll, benefits, utilities, maintenance, legal publications, audit costs, insurance and bonds, supplies and materials, automobile supplies and equipment.

The Parsons Park Board requested funds from the William M. Harman Memorial Fund for the maintenance of the River City Park, Mill Race Park and The Wellness Center. Funds will be used specifically for payroll and benefits, telephone, utilities, maintenance, training and education, audit costs, insurance, automobile supplies and equipment.

The $97,700 approved for the Five Rivers Public Library is designated for benefits and extended services, books, DVDs, materials, programming, ancestry library database renewal, a laptop/tablet and maintenance and improvements. The maintenance and improvements will include replacing the mulch at the library, a sewer line replacement upgrade from schedule 20 to 40 and an exterior sign in front of the library.

The Benefit of the Citizens of Parsons Committee was awarded $500,300 from the William M. Harman Memorial Fund. The award includes $5,000 for the Sewer Department for emergency generators; $27,000 for the Water Department; $87,000 for the Street Department for paving and storm drain improvements; $46,000 for the Police Department for a full-time chief and part time officer; $2,500 for Parsons Volunteer Fire Department Homecoming Fair entertainment; $10,000 for the Parsons Volunteer Fire Department equipment grant; $20,000 for fleet equipment replacement and upgrades; $5,000 for geographic information system mapping; $20,000 for a splash park; $10,000 for a half pipe addition to the skate park; $5,000 for a basketball court at Mill Race Park; $5,000 for playground equipment at Mill Race Park; $10,000 for the Parsons ON TRAC; $2,500 for the Parsons Christmas Parade; $10,000 for a grant match; $30,000 for Corricks Ford Battlefield development; $200,000 for purchase and improvements of new maintenance building; and $5,000 for a rainy day fund for all departments.