Randolph levy rates remain the same

ELKINS – The Randolph County Commission laid the tax levy rates for the 2014-2015 fiscal year at a special meeting on Tuesday afternoon.

Commission President Chris See said the levy rate will remain at 14.24 percent, where it has been for the previous five years.

“As we have said before at commission meetings, the budget is good so we shouldn’t have to raise the tax rate,” See said. “The tax rate should stay at 14.24 percent.”

Commissioner Mike Taylor said the rate is determined by the state auditor and there is a limit on how much the rate can be increased.

“The rate can only be based on assessed values, and then we are limited as to how much we can raise the rate if it needs to be raised,” Taylor said. “We can raise it one or two percent without a public hearing but anything at three percent or above requires a public hearing.”

Taylor said the figure chosen is an amount based on how much is needed to operate the county successfully.

“The levy rate we have is lower than what is recommended by the state auditor, but we feel we can successfully run the county on that rate,” Taylor said.

See said he is pleased commissioners were able to keep the rate the same.

“We are definitely pleased the rate could remain the same and we didn’t have to raise it,” he said.