40 nurses receive pins at ceremony

ELKINS – Forty nursing candidates, each earning an associate degree in science from Davis & Elkins College, were honored at the Professional Nurses’ Pinning Ceremony Friday.

Friends and families gathered at the The McDonnell Center on the D&E campus to congratulate the 40 nurses.

Theresa Poling, the keynote speaker, offered her advice to the graduates.

“Give back, always give back,” Poling said. “You’ve taken a vow of selflessness, for nursing is a humble calling. Hold tight to that principle.”

Laura Howes, of Beverly, said she was receiving her associate in science degree in nursing and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science.

“This is kind of a big deal,” Howes said. “We have worked hard the last two years, with blood, sweat and tears. This is the final step.”

“I did my precepting at the birthing center at Davis Medical Center,” Howes said. “It was really fun.”

Howes said she chose nursing because she has always been interested in how the body works.

“I am a people person and I like to take care of others,” Howes said.

Benjamin Engelkemier, of Becky’s Creek, said he selected nursing because he wanted to be in the medical field.

“We did everything from clinicals to precepting to formal events,” Engelkemier said. “I plan to be a flight nurse. This is just the beginning. I will work in the emergency department for a few years as I work my way up.”

Beverly resident Cora Fry said she plans to stay and work in the area to gain experience.

“I am considering going back to get a B.S.N.,” Fry said. “I thought nursing would be a good profession because there will always be jobs and I like helping people.”

The 40 graduates earning their Associate in Science degree in nursing included Jessica Ann Ashley, Weston; Kayla Barnes-Hallem, Hendricks; Corie Bush, Buckhannon; Tiffany L. Carr, Elkins; Suzanne Chenoweth, Coalton; Summer Chestnut, Marlinton; Kristen Clevenger, Alum Bridge; Melissa Beth Denise, Montrose; Rene Gabrielle Denise, Montrose; Benjamin Engelkemier, Becky’s Creek; Heather R. England, Franklin; Cora L. Fry, Beverly; Sabrina George, Mabie; Elaina Lester Godfrey, Weston; Rebecca Gower, Huttonsville; Beth Haddix-Wilson, Elkins; Kylie Hatfield, Tonganoxie, Kan.; Laura Howes, Beverly; Katrina Kelley, Helvetia; Kourtni Dawn Kimble, Upper Tract; Camille Ledden, Parsons; Halen McKenzie Lockhead, Missoula, Mont.; Chelsea Long, Philippi; Vanessa Malcomb, Buckeye; Sarah Marks, Elkins; Katheryn Marsh, Hambleton; Sabrina D. Martin-Vernon, Stonewood; Lisa Phillips-Simmons, Elkins; Julie M. Reed, French Creek; Terri Rodeheaver, Terra Alta; William J. Sauchuk, Terra Alta; Heidi Schoonover, Philippi; Ariel Shannon Simons, Elkins; Ashley Sjoman, Montauk, N.Y.; Ashleigh Smith, Tazwell, Va.; Margie Stephens, Bridgeport; Paige N. Sturm, Belington; Chelsie Sutter, Bowden; Julie White, Valley Bend; and Connie Yokum, Huttonsville.