Belington service highlights sacrifices

BELINGTON – More than 100 people gathered for Memorial Day services at Belington Fraternal Cemetery Monday morning.

Preparations began early Saturday morning, with members of American Legion Post 96, as they put up 106 flags, a task which took them about four hours.

The Memorial service began with the Pledge of Allegiance and opening comments from VFW auxiliary members Dorothy Hill and Patty Lewis.

“We are here to honor those who sacrificed for our nation,” said guest speaker the Rev. Bryan Headley.

His touching message was about scars.

Some flags bear scars, as they went through the war, only to come out as nothing left but strips of cloth on a pole. Men and women who returned from the war, came home with scars that they wore as a medal, as a reminder of the price that was paid of standing in the gap for freedom.

Headley wanted to let everyone know of the ultimate Veteran.

“As we remember those who paid the price and the scars they received, may we remember the One who paid the ultimate price.” Headley said. “Jesus Christ was the One who fought the war that we could not fight, He died the death that we could not die, He bore the scars that we could not bear, in order for us to have the life that cannot be lost. All of the other wars, though very important, do not compare to the war for our eternity.”

Following Headley’s address, Pam Corely and Patty Lewis read the names of past and present local veterans. After the benediction was given by Chaplain Patty Lewis, VFW Auxiliary, the salute was performed by Laurel Mountain of VFW Post 410 and American Legion Post 96.

Riflemen include Steve Cross, Carl Ice and Ed Corey.

Taps was played by honor guard member Richard Love, accompanied by Belington Middle School student Austin Davis. Other honor guard members include Dennis Allen, Richard Marsh, Lee Swartz and Eugene Dolly. Commander Ralph Baumgardner led the salute.

“Post 96 was honored to do the honor guard,” Baumgardner said.