BOE seeks comments on revisions

ELKINS – A decision on the revision of Randolph County School’s attendance zones was tabled during last week’s meeting to allow time for input from parents. The agenda contained recommendations for six revisions; however, the board will not take action until the June 4 meeting.

Superintendent of Randolph County Schools Terry George said the changes are being made based on the number of personnel available in the schools and making transportation more efficient.

“This always causes some initial hardships and hard feelings,” George said. “We had a major rezoning two years ago and things have settled out now. These are really minor adjustments, and not that many students will be affected.”

George said all of the elementary school principals got together with their enrollment figures and they were able to work with Pam Hewitt, assistant superintendent of Randolph County Schools; Randy Long, transportation director; and Lynn Proudfoot, attendance director; on the zones to make schools and transportation more efficient.

Proposed revisions are:

– Sullivan’s Crossing and Haddix Road to be included in the Jennings Randolph Elementary School zone. Ward Road south of Sullivan’s Crossing will be in the Midland Elementary School zone.

– Downtown Elkins – Kerens Avenue and Henry Avenue – will attend Jennings Randolph Elementary School.

– Bemis, Glady and surrounding areas will attend Jennings Randolph Elementary School, Elkins Middle School and Elkins High School.

– Beverly Pick boundary whereby Elkins-Randolph Convalescent Center – Elkins Rehabilitation Care Center – will be the division between Beverly Elementary and Midland Elementary Schools.

– Boundary Avenue becomes the furthest line east for Elkins Third Ward Elementary attendance in the Elkins City Park area. McQuain Drive, Marro Drive and Sycamore Street east of Boundary Avenue to Harpertown Road will become residents of the North Elementary School zone.

– Northern Arnold Hill Road to Cupp’s Farm will be in the Midland Elementary School zone and the southwestern part of Arnold Hill Road and back to Country Club Road will be in the Beverly Elementary School zone.

George said he would be happy to speak with parents who have concerns about these changes. He said parents can apply for an intracounty transfer, and those are determined by school enrollment and attendance.

Public comment on any agenda items for the Randolph County Board of Education is welcomed, and a sign-up sheet is available before each meeting for those who wish to speak. Information about public comments and intracounty transfer is available by calling the Randolph County Board of Education at 304-636-9150.

The next regular meeting of the Randolph County Board of Education is slated for 6 p.m. June 4 at the Central Office.