Canvas confirms slim margins of victory in Barbour, Tucker

PARSONS – The Tucker County School Board Levy was just one vote shy as Tucker County Clerk Sherry Simmons announced the completion of the vote canvass.

“There were a total of nine votes to count,” Simmons said. “Two people voted against the levy, four voted for the levy and three did not cast a vote in the levy race.”

Simmons said that put the count at 687 against the levy and 686 for the levy.

The Tucker County School Board Levy was included on the May 13 primary election ballot, where it gathered 682 votes for and 685 against. The levy would have provided $240,000 each year for five years for school construction, repair and maintenance, technology expenses, textbooks and extracurricular activities.

Tucker County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Eddie Campbell said the results are disappointing.

“We believe with a count so close, we will request a recount,” Campbell said. “There is just too close of a margin, and we want to give ourselves the opportunity to make sure that it is correct. We will wait to see.”

Campbell said he has talked with members of the Board of Education, and he feels if the levy does not pass, it will run again in November.

“It’s just too important for our kids,” Campbell said. “We have to do this for our kids. We cannot quit on them. This is just too important.”

Simmons said once all 55 counties report their results to the West Virginia Secretary of State’s office, candidates have a window of 48 hours to request a recount of the votes.

Barbour County

County Clerk Macel Auvil said officials completed their canvass Monday as well.

“We had one absentee vote and 11 provisional votes,” Auvil said. “The count did not change our winners.”

Macel Auvil said Tammy Stemple still was ahead of Ken Auvil by one vote. Auvil said he plans to exercise his right to file for a recount in at least one county, maybe two.

“With only one vote separating myself and my opponent, I think it only fair to our efforts as well as our voters to file for a recount,” Ken Auvil told The Inter-Mountain Monday. “In the Barbour County race, we have 16 precincts and four in Tucker County.”

In the race for the Barbour County Board of Education, incumbent Joanne McConnell earned 1,770 votes, allowing her to keep her seat for the North District. Two current BOE members, Doward Matlick and Bob Wilkins, did not seek re-election, leaving two seats open. A total of 583 votes were cast among three write-in candidates, Reggie Trefethen and Jeff Davis for the West District and Dave Everson for the South District. The tally of votes among each was counted and the winners were Everson and Trefethen.