County hires architect for project

ELKINS – The Randolph County Commission voted unanimously Monday to approve the hiring of VanNostrand Architects, of Buckhannon, as the consulting firm for the Randolph County Courthouse basement renovation project.

“For the past couple years we have been working on various phases of remodeling the courthouse basement,” Commissioner Mike Taylor said. “We realized we needed some additional architectural guidance.

“Demolition has been completed and we have replaced water and sewer pipes in the floor. The wiring in the basement has been there for years and when new wires were run, the old wires were not removed. We feel this needed to be cleaned up. We looked at quotes on telephone and computer wire cleanup and when we looked at pricing, we felt it needed to be put out for competitive bid.”

Bryson VanNostrand, of the consulting firm, will be assisting the Commission in preparing a request for proposal (RFP) for architectural services that will include a layout and design for the project. The RFP will be used to advertise for engineering and architectural services to continue with the rebuild process.

“Whoever gets it will write a proposal for completion of the total reconstruction,” Taylor said. “We are doing it in phases and thought the wiring would be one phase but we put the final phase out to bid to include wiring and everything.

“He (VanNostrand) will write an RFP, then any architect outfit that is interested will come and supply a proposal telling why they think they can do it. We will interview them from there.”

Plans for the remodeling project include replacing telephone and computer wiring, electrical system security system and fire system upgrades, covering the walls and ceilings, adding a drop ceiling in the hallways and creating bathrooms and a break room for employees.

“Part of the plan is to consolidate all the wires into tubing or a tray for future generations so all they have to do is run new wires in the tray,” Taylor said.

The Commission has been working on upgrades to the basement area for nearly two years, including stripping the walls and installing new drain and sewer pipes into the flooring. Taylor said the main objective of the project is to preserve files and documents.

“The purpose of the remodel is preservation and storage of documents from both the County Clerk and Circuit Clerk’s offices, from the 1800’s, in an environmentally safe atmosphere to keep them from molding and getting destroyed,” Taylor said.