Fundraiser gets laughs, helps kids

ELKINS – Attendees at the Youth Health Center Inc. Comedy Club fundraiser Saturday evening shared laughter and good food to support a great cause. The event featured improv, led by members of the Old Brick Playhouse.

YHS Board Member Patricia Schoonover thanked those in attendance for helping support Youth Health and the many services it offers to youth, adolescents, teens and families throughout the area.

“While I was teaching, the thing I thought the most about was the children,” Schoonover said. “What will they be when they grow up? How can I make their lives better? There is a popular book called ‘It Takes A Village.’ I understand that concept because where I grew up, I was surrounded by my aunt and uncle and grandparents. It takes a whole community to raise a child and Youth Health Services is part of that village.”

Schoonover said to think about the children and families helped by Youth Health Services.

“Those little kids and their families will grow up to be good citizens one day,” Schoonover said.

“You will benefit from that.”

Raymond Godwin attended Saturday’s event and said he is a big supporter of Youth Health Services Inc.

“I came because I think Youth Health is an awesome organization doing great work for the community,” Godwin said. “I like to support them.”

Board member Teena Wallace said she was thrilled with Saturday’s program.

“I am on the board at YHS because I believe in the kids,” Wallace said. “I am an advocate for children and we provide so many good services with families who have young children. This event is one of our major fundraisers of the year and allows us to implement many of those programs.”

YHS Executive Director Margy Burns said she thought Saturday’s fundraiser was a great success.

“It was a great evening with a wonderful crowd,” Burns said. “We really want to thank the Old Brick Playhouse, Bill Johnson for his auctioneer services and St. Brendan Church for the venue. We also want to thank all of our sponsors and those who attended the program.”