O’Neill retains seat by one vote

BUCKHANNON – Incumbent Buckhannon City Councilman Tom O’Neill won re-election Tuesday, albeit by just one vote.

O’Neill retains seat by one vote

BUCKHANNON – Incumbent Buckhannon City Councilman Tom O’Neill won re-election Tuesday, albeit by just one vote.

Mary Lou Albaugh received the most votes in Tuesday’s election, 435, which included two City Council seats on the ballot. O’Neill came in second with 415 votes, only one vote more than Robyn Riggs Simons at 414. Robert L. Osburn received 218. Councilman John Waltz did not seek re-election.

Incumbent Buckhannon City Recorder Rich Clemens lost by 22 votes against his challenger, Richard Rick Edwards. Edwards totaled 432 votes, while Clemens received 410.

A levy call for the Gibson Public Library in Buckhannon passed Tuesday with 660 positive votes, while 223 voted against the proposal.

In the race for Upshur County Commission, Terry B. Cutright won the Republican nomination with 1,038 votes, while Kevin Hawkins earned 644, Steve Booth took 492 and Michael Cowger had 527. No Democratic candidates for the Commission seat were on the ballot.

Republican candidate Duane Borchers Sr. received 185 votes in the 44th Delegate District race for Upshur County. On the Democratic side, Dana L. Lynch received 104 votes.

Republican Bill Hamilton received 1,854 votes for the 45th Delegate District.

In the 46th Delegate District, Republican candidate Derek V. Long received 205 votes, while James R. Atchison received 23. On the Democratic ballot, Peggy Donaldson Smith received 108 Upshur County votes.

The non-partisan race for Upshur County Board of Education resulted in the return of two incumbents, one winning by a landslide vote.

Six candidates vied for three seats on the BOE District 1 incumbent Greenbrier Almond received almost twice the votes of the other candidates with 2,071. Teresa Bellamy received the second most votes with 1,642. Carl Martin of District 2 received a total of 1,580 votes.

Carl Martin’s brother, Patrick Martin, received 1,395 votes. Keely Burnside, another District 1 candidate, garnered 1,357 votes. District 3 candidate Tom Davis received 1,065 votes.

John C. Sencindiver received 2,715 votes for Conservation District Supervisor.

In the race for 26th Circuit Judge, Republican candidate Jacob E. “Jake” Reger, the current Upshur County prosecuting attorney, totaled 2,222 votes on the ballot in Upshur County. Democrat incumbent Kurt Hall received 969 votes.

Republican candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 2nd Congressional District included Alex X. Mooney, with 968 votes, Ken Reed with 747 and Charlotte Lane with 545. Voters also cast 89 votes for Jim Moss, 62 votes for Ron Walters Jr., 77 votes for Steve Harrison and 53 votes for Robert Lawrence Fluharty. On the Democratic ballot, voters favored Nick Casey with 704 votes against Meshea L. Poore with 315.

In Upshur County, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Natalie Tennant pooled 867 votes, while Dennis Melton had 233 and David B. Wamsley totaled 102. On the Republican ballot, Shelley Moore Capito received 2,436 votes, while Matthew Dodrill had 138 and Larry Eugene Butcher garnered 113.

For the 11th Senatorial District seat, Gregory A. Tucker received 924 votes on the Democratic ballot. On the Republican ballot, Robert L. Karnes received 1,395 votes, while Steve Foster had 1,194.

For the Upshur County Democratic Executive Committee male, first district, Robert Anderick received the most votes with 304, followed by Mark Hays with 300. Third district candidate Larry Alkire received 330 votes.

For first district Upshur County Democratic Executive Committee female, Andrea Hays had 329 votes, followed by Sandra Henline Dean with 305. For the second district, Donna Sue Matthews received 255 votes. For the third district, Linda M. Alkire garnered 318 votes.

Linda S. DeBarr received 591 votes, followed by Heather L. Queen with 486 votes, in the race for the first district female Upshur County Republican Executive Committee. In the second district, Amy Karnes received 576 votes, followed by Levera Gillum with 438. For the third district, Patricia L. Adams received 603 votes and Charlotte A. Lewis totaled 430 votes.

In the first district Upshur County Republican Executive Committee male race, Harold Cunningham totaled 579 votes, with William Sembello earning 438. Keith Gillum received 578 votes in the second district. In the third district, Creed Pletcher received the most votes with 531, followed by Kenneth Himes with 492.

For the State Republican Executive Committee, the 11th Senatorial District female, Patricia L. Adams’ votes totaled 2,082 votes, followed by 744 votes for Mary Boltz, 360 votes for Karen G. McCoy and 335 votes for Benjean Rapp. For the males, Robert L. Karnes pooled 2,038 votes, followed by Mark D. Scott with 974, Jordan Hill with 312 and Duane Borchers Sr. with 175.

Bill Hamilton, the male candidate for the 11th Senatorial District Republican Executive Committee, received 2,238 votes.