Reese looking forward to Mother’s Day

ELKINS – Sue Jack Reese feels fortunate to know she will be spending this Mother’s Day as she spends most Sundays – surrounded by the family she loves.

Reese and her husband, Mitch, are the parents of six daughters, a son and 10 grandchildren. Reese said she knows she is blessed.

Reese said she had two of the best parents anyone could have growing up. She feels her parenting skills came naturally because of her wonderful, positive experience.

“I had a brother that was five years older than me,” Reese said. “We were raised like two only children. It just seemed natural that Mitch and I would have a large family. We have lots of love to share.”

Reese said she loved being pregnant.

“I had all healthy pregnancies, with no medical issues,” she said. “I am grateful to God for that. I just really enjoyed having babies and sharing my love. I would not change a thing.”

Reese said nine years elapsed between the birth of her first and last child. She said she was fortunate because they played well together.

“We had two swing sets and Mitch built a sand box,” Reese said. “Our home was where the neighborhood children gathered to play. We always had lots of popsicles and treats for everyone. It was lots of fun.”

She said she was fortunate her parents were always willing to help with her kids.

“Mom and Dad sat with the kids,” she said. “We never had a babysitter. If I went somewhere, such as going out to dinner, my kids went with me. We raised our children.”

Reese said her family has remained close.

“We spend each Sunday together – sometimes for grilling out and sometimes for a fancy meal,” she said. “But we are always together. I enjoy sitting down and laughing, and sometimes crying, about the best times we spent together.”

Reese said that parenting is lots of hard work, but it is worth it.

“When the kids were young, I called parenting organized chaos,” she said. “The girls were always busy and always talking. It is great to watch them turn into good citizens. They are beautiful young women, and those with children are all good moms.”

Reese said she tried to offer them all good advice.

“I always asked my children to treat other people like they wanted to be treated,” Reese said. “Be good to others – that is how to get along in life.”

For Mother’s Day Sunday, Reese said she will enjoy gathering with her family.

“Mitch always makes us dinner and I don’t know what that will be, but it will be great,” she said. “He always fixes us a meal and we will be happy spending time together.”

Reese said she is proud to be a wife, mother and grandmother.

“Life has been good,” Reese said.