Students enjoy Rainbow Factory

ELKINS – A day of art with a carnival theme welcomed special education students from Randolph County Monday at the 4th annual Rainbow Factory, presented by the Randolph County Community Arts Center and the Women’s Club of Elkins. Organizer Cathy McMenamy said the goal of the day is not to focus on special needs, but to focus on the fact that art is for everyone.

Guest artists for the day were Kadra Casseday, Kathryn Prentice and Elizabeth Cissy Row. Casseday said she enjoys helping with Rainbow Factory.

“It is such a joy to see these children outside of the classroom and expressing themselves freely,” Casseday said. “They are having so much fun and enjoying participating in art activities.”

Students gathered to explore the arts in a non-competitive environment with first-class art instructors. They donned costumes made in the morning and paraded through the center before visiting carnival booths for fun, games and prizes.

McMenamy said arts activities nurture the children’s creative and artistic talents.

“They have the opportunity to play and work with other students and adults,” she said. “Students can rotate through stations including singing, ring toss, fishing, spinning wheel, a bean bag toss and pictures with picture frames. Participants will have grab bags filled with take-home art supplies and will win more supplies as they complete each booth.”

McMenamy said 16 students participated in Monday’s activities.

“This is so much fun for the kids,” she said. “They feel like an artist when they leave. This is such a labor of love, and I plan to do this as long as I can. My thanks is the kid’s smiles.”