Students learn about military service

ELKINS – Students in Rose Blake’s social studies classes at Elkins Middle School took a different approach Thursday to learning about international conflicts from World War I to the present – they learned about a family member who participated in one of these conflicts and shared the information with their classmates.

“Students completing the project must give an oral report and bring in something visual,” Blake said. “This helps the kids learn and be able to relate history with a real person in their families.”

Blake said students brought in medals, uniforms, shadow boxes and other items to share with classmates.

“Andrew Guire brought in a telegraph message his grandmother received when his grandfather was injured,” Blake said. “The students really enjoyed sharing with one another and learning about each other’s families.”

Some students brought their family members in to talk with their class. On Thursday, Bobby Reams spoke with his daughter Jalyssa’s class about his deployments.

Eighth-grader Tyra Wilson brought in her grandfather’s uniform from the Vietnam War.

“While researching my project, I enjoyed learning about my Papaw,” Tyra said.

“I also enjoyed listening to my classmates tell their family stories. It was a good learning experience.”

Daniel Scott shared his grandfather’s World World II Army uniform.

“I never knew much about my grandfather and the military and where he was stationed,” Daniel said. “I enjoyed learning about him and learning from my classmates about their family history.”

Blake said she has been working with students on this project for about four years.

“They really seem to enjoy this project,” Blake said. “Everyone likes learning and it helps relate history to real life. It is so much better than reading about these events in a textbook, and brings more meaning to the chapter.”