Tucker applauds 911 Center

PARSONS – The Tucker County Commission applauded Darla Stemple, director of the county’s Office of Emergency Management, and members of the Tucker County 911 Center for their hard work and dedication Wednesday.

Stemple said her department received a $9,000 grant for “emergency trailer sustainment.”

“This will be used for sheltering supplies,” Stemple said. “We received an all-terrain pallet jack to unload cases of water.”

Stemple said the department’s $390,000 grant to upgrade and update radios has received final approval.

“We have already started and have had our kick-off meetings for this,” Stemple said. “Our need to upgrade was made evident when we started to lose signal on perfectly clear days recently. This will solve that problem.”

Stemple said parties involved in the grant include Frontier Communications, Motorola and the state Interoperable Radio


“We had one big meeting with all parties involved so if there were questions, they could be answered,” Stemple said. “Everything is supposed to be invoiced by July 1.”

Commission President Mike Rosenau asked Stemple to read a letter from the Preston County Commission.

“I want to make sure your employees and you receive proper praise,” Rosenau said.

Stemple said Preston County 911 experienced the death of a dispatcher in a car accident. She said in order for the other dispatchers to be able to go to the funeral, members of the Tucker County 911 Center went to Preston County and trained on their system.

“On Monday, from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m., we ran the Preston County 911 Center,” Stemple said. “I have to say, for a new system, a new radio in a strange county, we did very well.”

Stemple read the letter from the Preston County Commission, which thanked her staff for assisting the Preston County 911 Center.

Rosenau said he wanted Stemple to relay a “thank you” for a job well done to her staff.

In other action, Tucker County Clerk Sherry Simmons reported that an official primary election ballot recount is scheduled for Friday in the Courthouse Annex Conference Room. Simmons said the recount will begin at 8 a.m. for the Tucker County Schools levy proposal, which failed by one vote after the vote canvas, followed by a recount in the race between Ken Auvil and Tammy Stemple for the Democratic nomination to the 47th District House of Delegates seat.

The Commission also received a copy of a balanced budget and an after action report from the Tucker County Ambulance Authority during Wednesday’s meeting. Authority members approached the commission for additional funds earlier in the fiscal year, and reported the authority is now running in the black. Upcoming authority president Kathy Kahler said the group is striving to find a way to keep their budget balanced and to improve EMS response times.

“We plan to close Station 2 in Thomas on July 1 and move everything to Station 3 in Canaan Valley,” Kahler said. “We will not need to make any cuts in personnel by doing this.”

Commissioner Diane Hinkle thanked Kahler and the EMS members for their hard work. No action is slated for the budget or report until the next Commission meeting, slated for 9 a.m. June 11 in the Tucker County Courthouse