Tucker BOE approves budget

THOMAS – The Tucker County Board of Education met at Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School Tuesday and unanimously approved a balanced budget presented by BOE Treasurer Dave Lambert.

Lambert said the initial proposed budget was for $10,813,737, but that version fell short of being balanced by $100,000.

“We worked and made some adjustments to bring the budget into balance,” Lambert said. “The budget is now tight, but reasonable.”

Lambert said cuts included $27,000 in maintenance, $44,000 in salaries, $21,000 in transportation, $3,000 in legal fees, $5,000 in the superintendent’s travel and supplies and $4,000 in fiscal services. He said the biggest cut – the $44,000 in salaries – comes from retirement of personnel.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, Bob King, a special education instructor at Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School, was recognized as the Tucker County Teacher of the Year. King received a framed award and will represent Tucker County at the West Virginia State Awards.

Daryla Rapp, principal of Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School, recognized students for their many achievements.

Those receiving awards include:

– Young Writers – Lindsey Hull and David Kines.

– Spelling Bee participants – Dillon Drenning, Harper Russell, Daniel Snyder, Millikye Ware, Alexis Evers, Lindsey Hull, Madison Johnson, Gracie Rapp, Tristan Anderson, Nathan Dearborn, Zachary Mowery, Jordan Teter, Mark Barnes, Inza Pacella, Adam Putlovis, Kaleb Snider, Garret Bolyard, Elizabeth King, Jack Melnick and Nathaniel Rader.

– Spelling Bee winners – Amara Snider, Halee Wood, Maya Paul, Samantha Bykofsky and Brandon Zirk.

– Student Council Officers – Elizabeth King, president; David Kines, vice-president; Samantha Kines, secretary; and Jack Melnick, treasurer.

– Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School Bears News Crew – Elizabeth King, David Kines, Samantha Kines, Jack Melnick, Nathaniel Rader and Raen Wallace.

– Members of the Shoe Tying Club – Nathan Dearborn and Holden Young.

– Accelerated Reader iPad winners – Jack Melnick, Zach Mowery, Tory Paul and Ava Shaffer.

– STArt Show Winners – Michaelia Ware, first place; Xzandra Ashby, second place; Izzy Hamric, second place; Kearsten Adkins, third place; Gracie Filler, third place. Honorable mentions to Jacob Hauser, Devan Lambruno, Elora Mowery, Nevaeh Nichols, Lillian Snider, Trent Stevens and Autumn Zirk. Town of Davis winner was Sadie Palmer.

– Students achieving the distinguished ranking in the WESTEST were James Hamric, Nevaeh Nichols, Harper Russell, Lindsey Hull, Alena Lambruno, Jeremy Liller, Halee Wood, Wyatt White, Holden Yount, Samantha Bykofsky and Inza Pacella.

– Awesome Choice Awards were presented to Abbie Eakle, Rachel Friend, Madison Johnson, Jeremy Liller, Trevor Phillips, Shawn Bast, Maya Paul, Wyatt White, Samantha Bykofsky, David Kines, Samantha Kines, Elizabeth King, Hannah Liller, Jack Melnick, Nathaniel Rader, Logan White, Ryan DelSignore, Gracie Filler, Chase Fridley, Alena Lambruno, Halee Wood, Jordan Teter, Aliah Hanlin, Devan Lambruno, Micah Thompson, Brandon Zirk, Resi Anderson, Lindsey Hull, Mackenzie Zirk, Ryan Prevatte, Mark Barnes, Inza Pacella, Alexis Evers, Ethan Pacella, Gariet Pennington, Garret Bolyard, Wesley Snyder and Allison Zirk.

The next Tucker County Board of Education meeting is slated for 4:30 p.m. June 10 at Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School.