United Way meets campaign goal

ELKINS – The United Way of Randolph County announced it has reached its campaign goal of raising $170,000 to support 27 partnering agencies.

Campaign Chair Gary Clay and Executive Director JoBeth Agnor thanked the whole community for helping reach the goal.

“Attaining this goal was in the spirit of the United Way,” Clay said. “It took the whole community to reach this goal of helping these agencies. The United Way enables folks to make one donation and have that money support agencies where the need is the greatest.”

Clay said it was not easy to reach the $170,000 goal this year.

“We reached goal and that’s good news,” Clay said. “But it was everybody in this area participating that took us to that goal. Our final donation was $35 to reach $170,000. We nickel and dimed to get there.”

Clay said the economy is tough right now, but people still want to do good things in the community.

“After years of having tough times, folks are cautious and are giving less,” Clay said. “But this year, all of the social services agencies we are helping have faced cuts by the state and federal government. So the need has really gone up and we look at our ability to meet those needs and find it is really going to be tough.”

Clay said the United Way needs everyone who can, in whatever small form, to help out this year.

“By reaching our goal, we will be able to give those agencies the money we promised them for this year,” Clay said. “In the end, it wasn’t the big donors who got us to goal – it was a combination of those giving $25, $50 or $100. Those helped us reach the goal, and it was a total community participation.”

During the year, United Way of Randolph County sponsors a kick-off campaign auction, a Christmas concert and a Live United Telethon. Donations for partnering agencies are supported by workplace campaigns. The United Way of Randolph County also sold cash calendars, with monthly drawings where residents could win a total of $3,500 in prizes.

The 27 benefiting United Way of Randolph County agencies are the American Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America, Catholic Charities (Food Bank), Energy Express (West Virginia University Extension Office), Family Resource Network, Foster Grandparent Program, Girl Scouts Black Diamond Council, Helping Hand Clearinghouse, Elkins/Randolph County Library, Helvetia Library, Valley Head Library, Pioneer Memorial Library, Tygart Valley Library, Literacy Volunteers of West Virginia, Meals on Wheels, NCCA Homeless Shelter, Randolph County Cancer Support Group, Randolph County Children’s Advocacy Center, Randolph County Training & Referral, Randolph County Emergency Squad, Randolph County Humane Society, Randolph County Senior Center, Randolph County Sheltered Workshop, Senior Companion Program, Women’s Aid in Crisis, Elkins/Randolph County YMCA and Youth Health Service.

Additional information about the United Way of Randolph County is available by calling 304-636-0516, or on Facebook at facebook.com/uwrandolphcom.