Upshur County completes election canvass

BUCKHANNON – After the canvassed results of the 2014 primary election in Upshur County were returned, no changes were made as far as who won, despite a few close races.

In the race for Buckhannon City Council, incumbent City Councilman Tom O’Neill, who retained his seat by a mere one vote after the election night count, pulled forward by an additional vote. His total, now at 416 votes, still allows him to keep his seat on City Council. He had scored only one vote more than that of Robyn Riggs Simons, whose result of 414 votes did not change with canvassing.

Mary Lou Albaugh, who originally scored the highest number of votes, gained one more vote, bumping her up from 435 to 436. A fourth candidate, Robert L. Osburn, went from having 218 votes to having 220.

Although, incumbent Buckhannon City Recorder Rich Clemens pulled forward by three votes, he still lost his seat to Richard “Rick” Edwards. Edwards totaled 432 votes after the primary election, and his votes increased to 433 after canvassing. Clemens totaled 410, but pulled to 413, leaving only a 20-vote difference.

A levy call for the Gibson Public Library received four additional votes in favor of it through canvassing, going from 660 to 664. The number of votes against the levy remain the same at 223.

In the Republican race for Upshur County Commission, the leading vote-getter, Terry Cutright, received an increased from 1,038 to 1,042.

Kevin Hawkins’ votes increased from 644 to 649, Steve Booth’s increased from 492 to 497 and Michael Cowger’s votes remained the same at 527.

There were no Democratic candidates for the Commission seat on the ballot.

There was no change to the votes received by Republican candidate Duane Borchers Sr. or Democratic candidate Dana L. Lynch for the 44th Delegate District race. Each ran unopposed on their party ticket. Borchers remains at 185 votes, while Lynch remains at 104.

Republican Bill Hamilton went from having 1,854 votes to 1,865 votes for the 46th Delegate District. No Democratic candidate filed.

In the 46th Delegate District, Republican Candidate Derek V. Long remains in the lead with 205 votes against James R. Atchison, who remains at 23 votes. On the Democratic ballot, Peggy Smith also remains at her original tally of 108 votes.

In the non-partisan Upshur County Board of Education race where one incumbent won by a landslide, incumbent Greenbrier Almond, a District 1 candidate who came out on top with 2,071 votes, now totals at 2,078. Incumbent Teresa Bellamy, who originally totaled at 1,642, now has 1,645, still allowing her to keep her seat on the BOE. Joining Bellamy and Almond is District 2’s Carl Martin, whose votes increased from 1,580 to 1,585.

Other candidates were Carl Martin’s brother, Patrick Martin, whose votes increased from 1,395 to 1,400, Keely Burnside, whose votes increased from 1,357 to 1,364 and Tom Davis, whose votes increased from 1,065 to 1,067.

In the race for 26th Circuit Judge, Republican candidate Jacob E. “Jake” Reger’s votes increased from 2,222 to 2,234, while Democratic incumbent Kurt Hall’s votes remained the same at 969. Reger currently serves as the Upshur County Prosecuting Attorney.