Women’s Club installs officers

ELKINS – The installation of officer by GFWC West Virginia President Jody Cunningham highlighted the program at Tuesday’s Women’s Club of Elkins meeting. Cunningham led the ceremony.

Officers taking their orders include Joan Tacy, president; Cindy Kolsun, president elect; Jean Schmidt and Alice Wise, first vice presidents; Diana Vannoy, second vice president; Mary Davis, recording secretary; and Donna Seibert, treasurer.

Tacy said she was honored to serve as president of the Women’s Club of Elkins.

“I am proud and humbled,” Tacy said. “I want to thank Cindy Stemple for her hard work.”

Stemple said she enjoyed serving as president.

“I have learned a lot,” Stemple said. “It has been a joy.”

Cunningham asked Elkins members to assist her in her special project called, “Pennies for the Arts.”

“I chose this because I have seven grandchildren, and I want the best for them,” Cunningham said. “Not everyone is athletic, and lots of the extracurricular activities revolve around sports. For those kids, there is not a lot to do. My granddaughters and I love to create things like clay beads. These are fun projects, and it gives them lasting memories.”

Cunningham said, “Pennies for the Arts” is not a new concept.

“In the 1930s, the GFWC started a program where each Women’s Club member donated a penny,” she said. “The money was used to help support struggling artists. In the 1960s the Junior Women’s Club in West Virginia collected money to give scholarships for high school seniors pursuing a career in the visual or performing arts.”

Cunningham encouraged members of the Women’s Club of Elkins to have fundraising projects to raise money to encourage students to enter artwork at the local level.

“Art is uplifting,” Cunningham said. “Inspire a generation to look at themselves to see where they can improve. Your club knows what’s best for your community.”

Other honors awarded during Tuesday’s meeting included GFWC West Virginia Life Memberships for members Sandy Graham and Marijane Kiley.